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Have you made a Lord of the Rings costume yourself???  If you've got the pictures posted on a web site, please share the address.  If not, we'd still love a picture and some comments about your building experience.  We're going to feature outfits from beginning sewing to uber-advance so share your work, please.  (Check out the submission info at the bottom of the page.)

Note: some pages will take a bit to load, but we've now split them up a bit.  

If you have a bit of trouble using our wrap around menu, the column below will give you scrapbook access.  To solve, you need a later version of Explorer.  It's two clicks to get in, but easier to navigate

Main Lord of the Rings Costume Menu

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.  Get some great details on building them to help you on your way regardless of your sewing level.

Submitting your work for the Scrapbook

If you would like to add your work, please contact us at Scrapbook@AlleyCatScratch.comWe will not post pictures without your submission permission and the info below.   

Take a moment and look how items are currently set up in the Scrapbook and then send your own pictures and  info to us.... don't wait for an invite...



How much info do you want to share about your costume?
bulletDo you have your own web page about your costume you want to share with us???
bulletDo you have a number of pictures or a whole story, but don't have a web page... and want us to put something together? That's OK to.
Decided if you just want  a summary or separate page. 
bulletSummary: 1 or 2 pics shows a just a little bit of info
bulletSeparate page:  There you could tell us more about how you made the outfit and show us more pictures.
Tell us a bit about the costume
bulletTitle can be anything from the character name, to something simple like "hobbit" or the character's name.
bulletA picture or more
bulletIf they're going to be on LOTR Costume, lets not have them too big, max about 400-600 pixels.  (You can have them any size if I'm linking to the picture on  your site.)
bulletIf you're not sure of size of format, we can help you out.
bulletPlease attach the pictures, do not just send me the link. I've a high speed line and can take anything you send me
bulletName to list
bulletWe're not using full names, use first, first and initial, or just a screen handle, or both.
bulletWhere you're from
bulletThis is totally optional, but would like the country, and maybe state/province
bulletWhat pattern/s you built it from.  Did you modify it
bulletWhat fabric did you use?
bulletMore notes about building it, even if only a line or two.
bulletYou can write as much or little as you want.
bulletWe really are looking to hear about your experiences... whether you are a beginner or very advanced or anywhere in between. We're all learning at separate levels.
bulletA link to your web, if you have one and you want the link
bulletFrom the main scrapbook pages, we link only to personal sites.  Write a detailed page with construction info and we'll link to you main site, regardless.
Our group is growing with people from all over the world.  We recognize that not everyone can describe their costume in English.   Try the best you can, and we will "clean it up".  Or, send the detail notes section in your own language.  We will work on getting it translated.
bulletHowever, if English is your FIRST language... you are responsible for proofing it.  that means, check spelling, grammar and punctuation....
Special note for costume sellers:
bulletWe do not sell costumes on this site or do we recommend any one who does nor specifically list some who does.   If you do happen to make costumes for others, that doesn't mean you can't show your work in our scrapbook... However, you have a few extra things you need to do...
bulletIf you just want to show off you costume, you can submit the standard picture and give us a couple of sentences of information.  However, we will not link you web site directly off our Scrapbook page.
bulletOption :if you would like a link with your work, you need to do a bit more work.  Write an info  page, a little article.  Include more photos.  The page can be about the costume or some technique you wish to share with the group.  Your web page link will be included at the bottom on the 2nd page as part of your signature for the "article". OR placement over in tips... write a tip article.  You get full bi-line and a link at the bottom.

Note: if you're under 18... need parental permission...  (Sorry, we  may be discussing costume from the 3rd age, but we need to run this by 21st century rules... .. just have a parent write a line or two...  nothing fancy.  We still want you to share your creation.  -Cat-

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at

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[Elven Grove 1-15] [Elven Grove 16 on] [Fellowship Trek] [Human's Hall] [Hobbit Holes] [Nasty's Lair] [Middle-earth Groups] [Prop Closet] [Horse Stables] [It's a Party!] [Scrapbook Deutsch] [Scrapbook Espaņol] [Search Us]

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