LA Costume Gather-10/05
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Costume Gather, October 15, 2005

FIDM's Star Wars -  Dressing a Galaxy Costume Exhibit & LA Garment District tour

 (updated  9-22)

You can join us for all or just part of the day.

All Exhibit details, including location and parking map <here>.

Calendar of events - Summary:

Saturday, October 15, 2005

  • 11am -1pm - Star Wars Costume Exhibit at FIDM
  • 1:30-4:30ish - Garment District Tour, start at Em-Be's Fabric
  • 5pm ish - Dinner at Golden Coast Buffet

Anyone may join us... keep up with info at LOTR Costume Gather .  Enter your name in the database and read the latest messages or RSVP to Joyce S. if you prefer at (joyfulbs @

Calendar of events - Details:

Parking situation: Parking will be tight at FIDM.  You pay to park at both FIMD and the garment district.  We are going to try and coordinate some car pooling. (details here)

Star Wars  - Dressing a Galaxy Exhibit at FIDM - Oct 15

  • What:
    • We get to see 100+ Star Wars costumes and props in the main exhibit hall as well at an X-wing in the elevator lobby
    • We shop at their scholarship store
      •  (outside on Grand, near 9th). 
      • It has $1 a yard fabric... and they count yards as 1, 2, $5 for bolt most of the time.
      • Trims and ready-mades incredibly inexpensive.
  • When: 11:00- 1:00 aprx
    • You MUST buy a ticket for this event. 
      • The charge is minimal.  Tickets are required; timed.  handling fee of $5 per ticket for online reservations, $7 per ticket for walk-up tickets, and $8 per ticket for telephone reservations
      • If 11am is sold out, get 10:45 or 11:15 (right now, there looks like plenty of tickets, but the PR machine is just starting)
  • Where: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) - Museum Galleries on the Park, 919 South Grand Ave Los Angeles
    • map:  This map also prints on your tickets, park under the building, right turn off of 9th.
    • Parking is under the building.  We're checking on the price, but it's normally $5-6.  If lot is full, there are other lots nearby $5-8.
There is no lunch built into the schedule, you can grab a sandwich at the student store, run across Olympic for a Subway at the gas station,  bring munchies or hit the snack shops in the garment district.  (We love the "junk dogs" on the hot dog carts.)
  • When you arrive at FIMD... look for the person with the Costume Gather sign.
    • Pick up a map and sticker from them to identify you as part of the group that's heading over to the garment district
    • If you know the garment district, also pick up a "paw print" so folks know you know you way around down there
    • New folks... We'll do the intro and tip info either at FIDM or at EmBe's.  Depends on your arrival time. 

Garment District tour and introduction

  • What:
    • Tour the Los Angeles Garment District with a whole group of costumers who plan to shop until they drop as we pillage all the local shops together.
    • New Folks:
      • We'll teach you the ropes downtown... where to park, where to shop, how to shop, where to eat, find the ATMs, where the restrooms are (very important and very limited).
    • Regulars: 
      • You've seen the costumes.  Time to hit your favorite stores and learn some new ones.  Help us steer the new folks around and make new friends.
    • Everyone:
      • Bring your swatch books and pictures of what you want to make.  Know how much fabric or trim you need.
      • Wear comfortable shoes, dress casual, leave the glittery at home if you want good deals.
      • We will give you maps and split you up in groups for your priorities of fabric, beads or trim and how far you're willing to walk.
        • Even if you don't walk a lot, there are a great shopping point  right near our center meet point.
      • More garment district shopping tips to read in advance.
  • When:
    • 1:30pm to  aprox  4:30
  • Where:
    • Meeting at Em-be's, 9th and Maple
      • 305 E. 9th St, #135, LA
      • From FIDM, just continue on 9th, left on Maple, left into parking structure.
        • Detailed driving instructions <here>


We're going to leave downtown LA to save money, and just head out the 10 freeway.  We've got a great inexpensive place that's just a short drive away.... and the parking is free.

  • Golden Coast Buffet, Alhambra. (used to be World Buffet)
    • right off the 10/710. 
    • Chinese buffet but with American and Japanese food as well - Salads, fresh shrimp, chicken skewers, pizza to sushi and you can make a chocolate sundae for desert.
    • Full dinner and soda, including tax and tip $16 each.
    • address: 2223 W Commonwealth Ave., Alhambra
      • Off the 10 freeway, at Freemont Ave, North to Commonwealth Ave, Right, and then almost immediate left.
      • Full detailed driving instructions <here>



Join the Costume Gather Yahoo group for planning the evening. and coordinating things like carpooling.

We have an RSVP List.  Places for comments in the Database there.  We'll hammer out details there.

If you're coming in from out of town... let us know.  We can do something Friday evening as well.

Contact:   Joyce at joyfulbs @  or Cat -  / 818-430-6338


Actually, given the  cost of parking downtown, it makes sense.  You'll have to pay twice.  Use the Costume Gather list to coordinate carpools... (Do not assume someone will have room.  Make the plans in advance.)

  • San Gabriel Valley - meet point right off the 10/710 freeway
    • We're meeting across the street from Golden Coast Buffet in Alhambra.
    • Full Driving Instructions <here>
      • 10 freeway, off at Freemont Ave
      • Go North on Freemont
      • Right on Commonwealth
    • Turn right into the lot across the street from the restaurant.  There's not enough parking there, but there's plenty in the parking lot of Albertsons/Party City/PetCo.
    • Park directly across from the  "Golden Coast Buffet" sign.

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