RingCon 2004
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RingCon 2004 - Join us!

Come up and join the senior editors for LOTR Costume for a Halloween costume blast!  Cat Devereaux and Judy Mitchell  will be guests at the RingCon convention in Seattle, Washington in October.  The convention will allow you to escape to Middle-earth for the weekend.

There will be stars, costuming, panels, gaming, a masquerade ball and more.  There's even a special evening dinner to meet the guests.  We will be doing a set of panels and be available to to talk costume all weekend.   We'll bring extras including fabric samples.

Official website: http://www.ringcon.com .  They have on line registration.  October 29, 30, 31, 2004 Double Tree Hotel, Sea-Tac, Washington.

See our event photos <here>

Our Panels

  • Viva la difference!  The sexes! The races!  Hey, we're talking LOTR costumes here. (What were you thinking?)
    • A break-down of the wonderful costumes of Middle-earth from the folks who brought you Alley Cat Scratch's LOTR Costume .  We'll go into details and themes used to create the wonderful movie world.  Expect an archeological dig down to the seam level as we discuss both practical movie magic that they used,  the historic-fantasy elements on which the costumes are based. and the reality of the pattern shapes..
  • Completing that Middle-earth look  - Tip for applying and wearing ears, feet and wigs
    • So you want to be an elf???  Or, a hobbit???  It's more than clothing.  You need to complete the look.  We're going to give you a quick overview.  Pointed ears are now the rage.  Learn blending tip.  See samples.  Can they put on in less than 2 hours?  Feet? Hair club for hobbits done on a budget???  And don't forget wigs... everyone but a few of the children wore them throughout the movie.  We'll give you some wearing techniques and explain  the cost vs. look compromises you need to be aware of.
  • Costume fit, it starts at the neckline. A demo creating a upper body pattern from a paper bag. (And for the diehards,  a quick workshop on necklines).
    • It doesn't matter whether you're doing a T-tunic for a warrior or a fitted elven gown, the patterns you buy are never right at the neck.  We'll get you started with a piece to add to any pattern that fits you and the character you're going for.  For both lords and ladies, elves and hobbits, dwarf and humans. 
    • We will do two pattern variation on a victim,  a key hole necking  and boat neckline (Arwen's).
    • For those who wish to stay, the 2nd half will be a workshop for creating your own neckline.
      • We'll provide some paper and tape.  Please bring a pencil, chalk or marker.  Any scissors welcome. Extra tape is.
      • Be prepared to drape stuff around your neck.  A T-shirt is fine. We're going to partner you up and see that you get a basic neck shape to start your costume with.
        • If you want to go a bit farther, bring brown paper bags,  some muslin or old sheets and pins as well as your own masking tape.
      • The basic neckline part will be for all levels, even if you're just starting sewing... however, if we have time... we're going to warp-speed though some muslin fitting techniques.
      • If you're dead serious and want to get started on a muslin, we've got some extra instructions....
        • Ladies for dresses, put your shaper (and any other correct undergarments on) and then where a thin or tightish tank top or  T.  Don't wear jeans or anything else with a bulky waist.  You could also wear a thin dress or leggings. This will be co-ed.
        • Bring your shoes, or at least the correct height ones - Ladies and Gents, both... you'll fit differently in boots than tennies.
        • Bring an extra set of hands if possible who doesn't want a pattern this time, but not required.
        • Bring, pencil, markers, chalk, masking tape, brown bags (options), ruler, old sheets, or much more muslin that you think it will take (there are multiple tries).  Both kinds of scissors, paper and fabric.
  • Welcome to Alley Cat Scratch, the home of LOTR Costume
    • Meet Cat and Judy at this introductory panel.  Learn about the accidental birth of this massive costume website.  The internet has opened whole new avenues for costuming. 
    • Meet the senior editors.  Learn their backgrounds.  Learn some inside research detail.  Learn what's going on with costuming this weekend at RingCon.  Come checkout their latest resource and fondle fabric.

Check out the fun pictures <here>

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