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12th Annual Exhibition The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design at FIDM - 2004

Los Angeles, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising - Museum Galleries on the Park

Exhibit Details for 2004: 

(click for current year info )

FIDM exhibit showcases the best movie costumes of 2003.

  • Monday February 2th - Thursday April 8th, 2004
    • Monday - Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00 pm, Closed Sunday
  • Where: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) - Museum Galleries on the Park
                 919 South Grand Ave - 1st Level
                 Los Angeles, CA 90015
                 213-624-1200 x2224
  • Gallery information and map:
  • Admission is Free! 
    • Parking under the building is $6,   Saturdays, $3.
    • The only way to get into the lot is on 9th street going east from the 110 freeway.  (Just passed Flower and Hope, on the right side.)

    Group tours can be arranged–213-624-1200, ext. 2225

  • More details on which costumes from LOTR Below
  • Read our 2004 Review and see more pictures <here>


  • Info from our  LA Costume Gather.  We're going to visit  the FIDM exhibit, tour  the LA Garment District and party Oscar night (both with Torn and a back up party).


  • Known costumes from LOTR that will be there:

    • Galadriel Grey Havens
    • Arwen Coronation (with Crown)
    • Aragorn Coronation
    • Eowyn Coronation
    • Faramir Coronation
    • Merry in Armor
    • Pippin in Armor
    • Gondorian Guard
    • King of the Dead
  • Check out Getty Images for photo highlights of the exhibit.  Colors are a bit off, but you can see the shapes at least.
  Aragorn and his ladies

(or here for high rez)

(or high rez here)  

Just a sample of the many pics.  Check here for a full breakdown of what's been derived from the photos.

Images thanks to Secret Elf.  Review of the exhibit and the costumes <here>

Find out about past Motion Picture exhibits

  • Past exhibits on the web from the official FIDM site
  • Our reviews and pictures
  • Note: the garment district is right near by.  After you see the costumes, go on over to Maple and 9th and hit the fabric shops while details are fresh in your memory.
    • Park on Maple just north of 9th... go up the ramp

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