LA Costume Gather-2004
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LOTR Costume's FIDM tour and Costume Gather for 2004

We're using the movie costume exhibit  at FIDM and the Oscars to have a weekend party in Los Angeles... come play with us.  We are going to do day time events and then play with the other Ringer groups in the evening.  This makes a great excuse to visit LA.  Includes garment district tours, dinner and whatever other trouble we can get into.

This year we are combining our costume play with the various Oscar parties in town

Judy and I will both be your hosts for this year's Costume Gather.  So, we're going to be actually staying in Hollywood. 

  • Hotel Name: Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn Hotel
  • Address: 2011 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood
  • Reservation: 323-851-1800Fax: 323-851-1836
    • Note, since it's one of Torn's Oscar party hotels, it's kinda full, especially if you need a non-smoking room, but they have other hotel suggestions.  Check out their other hotels


All Exhibit details, including location and parking <here>.

Calendar of events:

Friday, Feb 27th, 2004

  • All day LA garment district tour
    • We're still working on the event. 
    • Plan to shop until you drop
    • Fabrics, beads, ribbon, many things elvish and hobbitish
    • Early start - 10:30am - see below for details
  • Group dinner in the evening
    • We'll combine, else probably going to be at Universal Citywalk and just be costumers, but that could change.

Saturday, Feb 28th, 2004

  • FIDM tour
    • 10:30 - 12:30 aprx
    • map:
    • We get to see 100+ movie costumes and shop at their scholarship store.  It has $1 a yard fabric... and they count yards as 1, 2, 5, bolt most of the time.
  • Mini Garment District tour and introduction
    • 1pm aprox 3:30
    • This is a quick introduction for those that can't get Friday off.
    • Meeting at Embee's, 9th and Maple - see below
  • Take a break
    • Change for the evening and hit a coffee shop for food.
      • A group of us will probably be at the Denny's in Hollywood, or that area.  Then quick change and into costumes for Hall of fire.
  • Hall of Fire - Into the West
    • Evening of entertainment  in middle-earth, entertainment  and masquerade lite.
    • Evening event by the Tolkien Forever club.
      • Hollywood Athletic club, price $20.  Get your tickets <here>

Sunday, February 29th, 2004

  • Morning: sleep
  • Any meetings/lunch will be at Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn Hotel
  • Afternoon: preen for the party


Join the LOTR_Costume_Gather yahoo group for planning the weekend.

We have an RSVP List.  Places for comments in the Database there.  We'll hammer out details there.

We're going to try and do some car pooling and putting up out of town folks.

Contact:  Cat - or 818-430-6338

Intro to Garment District Touring

If you've never been downtown before a few tips.

  • Dress down, no shiny jewelry even if plastic.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Much walking.
  • Sun screen is a must as is a hat for the sun sensitive anytime the sun is out.
  • Cash speaks. "How much for a yard?"  then "How much for 10 yards, cash?"
  • Some places with barter; some will not. 
  • Most places DO NOT have marked prices nor marked fiber contest.  If you really need something, be ready to get a swatch and go out on the street and do your own burn test.
  • Checks are a no-no most places.  There are some ATM machines down there, but they're not always working.
  • Keep a close watch on your purse at all times.
  • Bathrooms are few and far between, but our "home base" will be  a place with bathrooms.
  • We're going into many small places.  Be prepared to take notes.  Some allow swatching and will staple the samples to business cards, some don't.  Then you need to make a minimum purchase to get a sample.
  • The main area we're covering is Maple street between Olympic and 8th.
  • Eating: There are now some "brand name" places on Santee south of Ninth. (One street west)  On the weekends lines can be long... and the bathroom lines even longer w/ purchase only.  Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, El Polo Loco and more.  The hot dog carts on Maple are "safe" and the dogs are good.

Meeting down in the LA Garment District

The big tour is Friday, Feb 27th, 2004.  Meeting time is

Getting down there... from the north side of Los Angeles.

  • Takes your favorite freeway to the 110 Freeway south
  • If you're transferring from the 101, you need to move over 2 lanes quickly.
  • You need to be in the middle of the 110.  DO NOT take the Wilshire/6th ramp.
  • right after the Wilshire ramp, get all the way over to the right.
  • Get off on 9th.  (It only goes East.)
  • Get into a middle lane
  • (If you're going to FIDM, get on the right side, you park in the building right after Hope Street.)
  • Past Los Angeles Street and the street becomes two way and you should now be in the left lane. (Santee.)
  • Turn left on Maple Street
  • Go up about half a block and look for the flag man. 
  • Turn left into the building and go up the ramp.
  • Park
  • Take the elevators down
  • Right across from the elevators in the center on the inside corner is EmBee's.  Introduce yourself to the shopkeeper and wait for us there.

Short version:

  • Meet at the building on 9th and Maple. The northwest corner.  Inside corner store... EmBee's


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