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Costume FAQ for...

For Into the West - Oscar weekend parties. 

Also usable for any more formal costume party.  Feel free to link


Time to dress up.  Black tie and semi-formal is fine... but what should you wear if you do not have 21st century dress up? Consider wearing the party wear of Middle-earth. If you are a re-enactor of almost any era... there is a way that, with a little imagination and accessorizing, you can blend in and celebrate Lord of the Rings on Oscar Night.

What follows are some very broad suggestions. (Don't worry if you don't understand all the terms... If it's in your closet, you will recognize it.)

Hobbit Males: late 17th-19th century, middle class wear. Think country gentleman.  Blousey old fashion shirt with vest and/or jacket. Shorten your pants and get some suspenders. Wear sandals or other neutral colored shoes.

Hobbit Females: mid 15th-17 century middle class wear: blousey shirt, not too low, multiple skirts hemmed short, Ren-Faire bodice or at least a bibbed apron, can tuck a triangular kerchief at the neck. Wear sandals or other neutral colored shoes.

Get some Hobbit feet ideas <here> or check out the detailed section describing the hobbit characters.

Elf Male: Fancy: Plain, rich full length tunics, high necked, better w/o trim - 9th-12th century, open robe over it. Consider a quiet patterned narrow sleeved kimono, middle-eastern robes or some satin bathrobes. Layers, belted with wide scarf or obi (inside layer only). Hunters: Suede t-tunics over long sleeve high necked mundane shirts or an old Nehru jacket. Slightly fitted pants. Boots.

Elf Female: 10th - 14th century fitted gowns, preferably with flared sleeves. A fairy princess, princess seamed full length dress. (Old bridesmaid dresses with soft frills).  Also consider modern beaded gowns, fitted -  with a scooped neck. Add some chiffon sleeves, narow at the top, very wide at the bottom.  Light colored shoes, including 19th century boots.

Read up on makeup and pointy ears <here>.  Check out our Elven research.

Dwarf Male: Dwarf Male: T-tunics with wide trim no longer than mid calf or Henry the VIII doublets and "skirt". Wear with long pants (and armor). If you have a short overcoat add it. Wide belt on the outside. Bold belt buckle. Got Klingon? Use the metal and leather as accessories, not the whole outfit.  Use wide belts for bandoleers. Boots.

Dwarf Female: See Male Dwarf . Gimli himself says that the women look a lot like the men???  It's up to you whether you choose the "Klingon" option of skirts and even longer wilder hair or look just like the guys and add a beard.

Check out our Dwarf research.


Wizard: Ah, wizard robes or full length tunics, belted, with staff, hat and beard. Over robe is aba shaped (rectangular middle east wrap) or Ruana  (a Peruvian wrap). Wear pants under if tunic is slit.

Here's a link to a quick to make cloak for a wizard or check out our wizard research.

Human Male: 9th-14th century, long tunics, long sleeved, court wear for SCA, Viking and Celtic.  Though the Sir Thomas Moore look of the mid-15 century would work too. Layers. Outer surcoat can be sleeveless. Darker colors.  Rohan uses a lot of browns.  Gondor, dark blues.

Human Female:  6th-14th century, long sleeved. Get out a mundane sleeveless jumper  or wear a shorter t-tunic over a long skirt or gown. Belt it.  Also consider using a corselet. You could also use a kirtle with a sideless surcoat  or cotehardie.  We see them all. 

See our human research <here>.

Weapons Policy

Two levels of security... based on the reaction of the real world police.

Oscar Party - Sunday - Tight security - So... nothing that looks like a weapon, period!

People of Middle-earth, remember you are attending a party in the far future land of 21st century Hollywood. The natives are currently very sensitive to armament. Please leave all sharp steel things at home, or anything that might be mistaken for such by the local guardians of the "Kingdom of Oscar". This IS a party, not a battle conference.

In plain English, this is not a night to come armed (or with anything that even looks like a weapon) when the police are going to be on highest security alert and the party is well within the security perimeter. Leave the knives, axes, arrows and swords at home, whether they be props, plastic or real. Your costume will still look great!

Hall of Fire - Saturday night only- loose version for the costume contest.

Given this is Oscar weekend, please keep in mind that the police are going to be very sensitive but do wear props to the party.

Inside the party, please keep all weapons peace-bonded (tied down so that they cannot be removed.)  With lots of folks around, it's not a good thing to be removing the blades for pictures... some of those recreated blades are quite sharp.

If you are walking to the party from your hotel, please wrap your weapons, whether it be swords, axes or bows.  However, it should be find to put your weapons on and walk into the party from the parking lot, but peace-bond them at the car.

Special Notices:

  • If you are coming in 21st century wear, please remember no jeans, t-shirts or tennis shoes. When all else fails, wear black with more black. Please dress up this event a bit.  Try for elegance.
    • If possible, try for something with the feel of Middle-earth.
  • Shoes required, even for hobbits.  Exemption for PJ only. 
  • Spandex does not exist in Middle Earth, only an Orc would be caught wearing spandex, and we hunt Orcs... leave it for the modern clothes.
  • All crowns, cloaks and rings are optional.

More questions?

 Come join the discussion.

This page was last updated 04/22/08