Gandalf the White
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Gandalf the White

(higher rez pic)   (higher rez pic)
  Center quilting pattern, too fuzzy for cloak pin detail Quilting on the undertunic
White cloak fabric End of the staff Gandalf's vest's quilting pattern - by Kraig H.
Trim on the cloak. Note the long repeat pattern.  Looks to be about 24" Graphic of trim pattern

or 2" by 24" - actual size, aprox.

Outline graphic of Gandalf cloak pin, preliminary.  Inside design needs a bit of work.

by Suzanna

See pic:


Quick summary:

Gandalf's white costume starts with a white wool cape that appears to be calf length and held with a rather intricate silver mallorn clasp. The cloak has the neck hole cut back into the body, rather than being a simple scoop.  The edge is trimmed with embroidery....  aprox 1 1/2 inches.  It is an intricate machine embroidered pattern, white on white.  It repeats about every 8-12 inches down the front.

The tunic is quilted down to the upper hip.  It is an 8 petal floral shape. There is a different pattern in the yoke, but it is also quilted.  It is a "v" typed pattern. The bottom half of the outer tunic is leather.  These are separate straps so it ends up being split for ridding.

Slightly belled sleeves of a heavy jacard patterned material appear to be attached to the quilted layer.  (This is a guess.)  The vest could be sleeveless and there's another layer, but we're not sure.  The sleeves fabric appears to be reversed fabric so the inside is on the outside just like Sauman's robe.  The cuff looks to be about 2 inches wide.

Next layer is the cream under tunic. this fabric is somewhat textured. It is longer than the leather and is also split front and back for riding.  The neck is a key-hole.  It is laced closed.  The placard is lined in leather on both sides.  Seven sets of holes. Sleeves are laced from lower arm to wrist.  They extend about two inches to cover the top of his arm.

Last layer is the trousers.  They are wide culottes. Very crinkly.  If they are like his grey, they will be held on by drawstring and suspenders.  There may be a non-seen undershirt under it all, but that would be just for protecting the costume, not part of the costume.  They are made of something that looks like textured silk shantung.

Weta notes: Gandalf the White's brooch was quickly cobbled together.  Jasmine took two belt buckles, cut them into shapes, and added some more embellishments to make his clasp.  She said it took her the least amount of time to make of anything.

Grey Cloak

Pattern for Gandalf's cloaks

A: Length from the Center of the Back of the Neck to Feet

B: From the center of the Neck down in front, to the Feet.

C: Length from the center bone in the neck to tip of finger with the Arm outstretched

D: Neck Diametre plus 3"(?) for comfort.


Basic pattern for Gandalf's grey and white cloak -- thanks to Fatimah Check out more images about this pattern <here>


Section edited by Cat.  Extra by Donna and Kyra from the ROM exhibit

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