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Saruman the White

Bad guys can wear white.  Christopher Lee looks stunning in it.  He has a single multi layered costumes.

(Very rough, but we have quite a few nice pictures.  Just needs organizing and a bit of detail filled in.)

Note: on robe color, in person it appears varying shades of cream and off-white.  On film the robes show up as dazzling white but with great dept of detail.

Saruman (ROM exhibit)    
Saruman the White, robes close to their natural color Saruman the White, close to the color in the film
(high rez version of pic)  

Back of robe design, by JB/Xamder

Frog closure down the yoke front of Saruman's robes.  Machined satin stitch in white (by Alraune )
Just a bit of side detail from FIDM exhibit, 2002.  can see a bit of the sleeve drape Detail on the under sleeve.  Edge is piped.  Fabric is a diamond.


  • "Braided in white wool, interwoven with gold thread" - Making of the Trilogy, pg87
  • "Moire silk, woven silk, embroidered silk, texture on texture, until it almost takes on different colors." - Making of the Trilogy, pg 92
  •  Sleeves are made out of a brocade.  Pre-washed so it wrinkles a bit.  Cuff is turned back revealing the front of the fabric



The outer robe is sleeveless, in a heavy cream  It is split down the front with an almost kimono-style front band.  This band is about 2" wide.  It is a heavy multi-layed cream embroidery.  The pattern repeats about every 5-6 inches.   It is shorter at the front.

There is  flat cream brocade piping running in a V down the shoulders to about waist level that continues down the back in a boxed X. Looks like this- lXl, with another V continuing from the bottom of the X. (The 6" doll is correct)  It ends below the waist.

The inner robe has  rolled collar of the same brocade as the piping on the outer robe. It closes with frogs.

The long, flared sleeves are of a different jacard in cream, and are turned back slightly to show lining of the original woven pattered fabric.  The sleeves are "wrong side" of the fabric.  The turned back part shows the right side.  This is more ornate and shinny, as well as more of a yellow-cream.

He also wears a long belt/girdle like Eowyn's, but made out of something that looks like heavy upholstery trim in very pale grays, browns, and cream.  There is an additional appliqué at front and a false tie down the front make from beautifully woven cords.  therefore it is assumed to close in the back with a loop tie like in Galadriel's prolog dress

Saruman's mandarin-collared layer has a zipper in the back, You can only see it from the back, and only on the collar, as the rest is covered by another layer.

Casa Loma display Casa Loma display Hand Banner from the display in Dymocks' window
Saruman's desk    

London Display

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

or high rez version here
Saruman Props The Palantir


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