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Science Museum, London, UK

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy The Exhibition


(Plan to bring pencil and paper... no photos... and they're being fair about it.)

Press Releases

Items in the exhibit:

  • The exhibit list is assumed to be the same as Te Papa... see the list <here>
  • This list is compiled from the press releases
    • Frodo and the Hobbits, the wizards, the Black Riders, and elves from Middle-earth."  Elves include Arwen's Chase dress and Galadriel's beaded dress.  (We believe that will be the Mirror Dress.)
    • Gandalf's robes and hat made from hand-woven fabric in Indonesia
    • An "armour corridor" featuring weapons belonging to Arwen, Gandalf, Frodo and Aragorn
    • A display on prosthetics such as Hobbit feet and Orc teeth
  • Highlights:
    • "Displays of special effects such as CGI technology, and combined real and digital action Interactive "scaling" display allowing visitors to become Hobbit-sized in their own photo
    • The transformation of Gollum: His digital creation using acting and computer-generated imagery
    • The Ring experience: A large curved enclosure evoking the Cracks of Doom where the One Ring must be thrown
    • Cultures and races of Middle-earth: Looking at the Rohan and Elven cultures and the characters Aragorn, Theoden and Arwen "

Visiting London

Tips for planning your trip and extra costume and fabric sites

-- from Vicky (July 2003)

  • General line info
    • Remember to bring your registration number because no tickets will be mailed.
    • People would be let into the exhibit in 15 minute slots starting from
      (although you have to pick tickets up half an hour beforehand and operator said they expected very big queues).  She said it would take about an hour and a half to get round the whole exhibit.
    • I asked if it was possible to stay in there longer than an hour and a half. She said you could stay as long as you wanted until 6pm when the exhibit shuts.
    • No bags, cameras or mobile phones are allowed inside the
      I didn't ask but I'm guessing they will have somewhere for people to leave them and then pick them up later. I said as long as I could take a notebook and pen I'd be happy!!
  • General travel info
    • If you're looking for cheap accommodation in London I would recommend booking online through . They have some great deals.  You can get you a reasonable
      place quite cheaply.
    • If you want somewhere near the Science Musuem as a base
      look for places in South Kensington which is the nearest tube station. It's not in the very centre of London (even though it's still inside Zone 1 for the tube).  Although some of the places are expensive if you search on the net you'll be able to find some which are not so pricey.
    • From about the middle of November it gets very busy since all the coach  companies start running Christmas shopping trips I would also recommend avoiding January as the after Christmas Sales mean that transport in London will be a nightmare as there are literally thousands of extra people looking for bargains. If you can make it across in September/October that would be your best bet.
  • Extra sites to see
    • There is a costume place which you might be interested in where you can see some of the costumes that have been used in recent movies:
    • Victoria and Albert Museum -
      • They have a dress and textiles gallery covering 4 centuries of European dress.  (it's beautiful.)
    • If you have time you may want to visit Camden Market.  It is fantastic. You can get some really good fabric deals all
      year round. You should be able to get the tube to Camden Town.  When you come out of the station you'll see the market right there. I'm pretty sure it's there everyday so you could check that out.




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