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Houston Museum of Natural Science - Houston Texas, USA

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy The Exhibition

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science - June 4, 2005 - August 28, 2005
    • Houston Texas, USA
    • Ticketing Information
      • General admission: Adults $17.50, Seniors $14.50, Children $14.50, museum members $9.50
    • Tickets on sale now!
    • Ticket Sales :
      • timed entry, but you may stay as long as you wish.
      •  (713) 639-4629
  • Run dates:
    • June 4, 2005 - January 3, 2006
      • Opens at 12:01 Saturday, June 4, 2005
  •  No cameras allowed!  No sketching either.  Just note taking

LOTR Costume Events that were planned around the exhibit

Nothing yet!  Locals, it's up to you to tell me what to put here!

Also check out our Gathering discussion group for the latest info.


New Policy: Te Papa decided to change the rules on Houston... they aren't even allowing sketching... but you can take notes if you don't mind a guard over your shoulder every 3 minutes.

  • Our member museum reviews can be found by searching the yahoo archives

Press Releases


Items in the exhibit:

  • The exhibit list is assumed to be the same as Te Papa... see the list <here>
  • This list is compiled from the press releases
    • Frodo and the Hobbits, the wizards, the Black Riders, and elves from Middle-earth."  Elves include Arwen's Chase dress and Galadriel's beaded dress.  (We believe that will be the Mirror Dress.)
    • Gandalf's robes and hat made from hand-woven fabric in Indonesia
    • An "amour corridor" featuring weapons belonging to Arwen, Gandalf, Frodo and Aragorn
    • A display on prosthetics such as Hobbit feet and Orc teeth
  • Highlights:
    • "For the first time ever, the entire collection will be shown at this stop, including interactives from past showings and the complete set of drawings and paintings that inspired set builders, miniature makers and digital artists."
    • "Displays of special effects such as CGI technology, and combined real and digital action Interactive "scaling" display allowing visitors to become Hobbit-sized in their own photo
    • The transformation of Gollum: His digital creation using acting and computer-generated imagery
    • The Ring experience: A large curved enclosure evoking the Cracks of Doom where the One Ring must be thrown
    • Cultures and races of Middle-earth: Looking at the Rohan and Elven cultures and the characters Aragorn, Theoden and Arwen "

Visiting Houston

Anyone want to contribute these????  We're going to have lots of out of towners.

Tips for planning your trip and extra costume and fabric sites

  • General line info
    •  All tickets will be for timed admittance.
    • Go to the bathroom before going in; once you leave, you
      won't be let back in unless you buy another ticket! 
  • How to get there:
  • Extra sites to see


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