Hall Of Fire Masquerade

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Into the West Hall of Fire Masquerade, Oscars 2004

Picture hyperlinks will open larger shots of the costumes.

On February 28, 2004 as part of Oscar festivities a grand Hall of Fire was held at the Hollywood Athletic Club as part of a wonderful Into the West celebration. LOTR Costume folks ran a "Masquerade Lite" as part of the evenings festivities. 

We judged at two different styles of costuming.  Those that were constructed by the contestant (and family and friends) and those that were put together by scrounging closet and thrift stores or where the contestant did the research and hired the sewing.

Below, we list the awards in reverse order and have also included some general photos of costume folks at the Hall of Fire event.

Contestants, please click here for more information.

Novice Awards  - Closet creations

Uruk-hai Evening

Sheryl F.

#22 N05

Excellence in creative thinking for creating a costume idea on the spot
Elf Maiden (Champagne Elf)

Alexis F

#32 N03

Excellence in creating the elven style, especially in one day

Novice  Award - Constructed

Ranger Aragorn

Elise C.

#21 N14

Excellence in adaptation and creation of accessories  


#10 N01.

Excellence in complete outfit creation
Galadriel, Arwen & Nazgul

by Maggie G., worn by Maggie, Sara & Sean

#17 N15, N11, N16

Excellence in intimidating first costuming steps.

 (Award for all 3 costumes.)

Journeymen Awards: Closet Recreations



Excellence in makeup detailing and distressing

Journeyman Awards - Constructed

Eowyn Camp Skirt

Laura E.

#27 J02

Excellence in drafting and embroidery


#4 J04

Excellence in metal embroidery and recreational detail

Master Awards - Closet Recreation


Steven S.


Excellence in coordinating details


#1 M04

Excellence in research and insane detail chasing.

Master Award - Constructed



#24 M08

Excellence in patterning and construction

Tyler Running Deer

#7 M01

Ringer award: Excellence in complete detail

Judges Choice






Recognized 3 separate costumes all in different divisions.





Each tackled the same costume using 3 different approaches.  Also, at this time we had done little study on this outfit, so the costume piece breakdowns were done by the contestants, friends and family.


Aragorn, King

Bud A.

 #14 N02

Aragorn's Royal Battle Gear

Richard H.

#09 J01



#23 M09


A number of shots of the costume folks from that weekend.


More costume pictures on the event's web site <here>

Our Judges

A few candid shots of our judges: Judy Mitchell, Jen Running Dear, Sandra Deakins,  Jean Dewey, Tim Kirk & Cat Devereaux

Please note: we had to shanghai photos from all over.  We had the contests permission, but if you are the photographer and would like anything removed, please write dacat@alleycatscratch.com and we'll take care of it.

I would like to thank everyone involved especially our judges and contestants as well as the organizers of the Hall for Fire for allowing us to play at their event.


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