Comic Con 2004

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Comic Con 2004

Heather's Pictures

(or high rez here) (or high rez here)

Also check her exhibit pictures <here>.

Garfeimao's Pictures

Also check out her LOTR exhibit pictures <here>

Arwen on left is Museum Replicas version, while the one on the right is Michelle in England. Kell in her version of Arwen's wedding dress, and Caitlin in Arwen's Chase dress.
Rachel as Hermione, complete with English accent. She's Michelle's daughter and they are from England, so she had the advantage. Veronica is mini-Boromir, and she's Dian's daughter, Dian being our Haldir. Group shot of three Easterlings from Judy's group, 4 members of the Side by Side group with everyone in armor, and 6 members of the Middle Earth Cotillion, with Mini-Boromir rounding things out.

Jamie Wilson, from WETA, kindly observed that ours were the real costumes while the ones behind glass were the replicas.

Faramir from Side by Side and Eowyn from Middle Earth Cotillion. And a recreation of a much anticipated scene from the ROTK EE that was confirmed at the New Line panel on Friday.
Eowyn and Dernhelm Merry and Pippin with mini-Boromir
Our King Elessar and mini-Boromir with their action figures. Eowyn, Mini-Boromir and Haldir with the Ring sisters in Hobbit garb.
Mini-Boromir with Gollum and the fish. Rick Porras with us late on Sunday afternoon.
Jamie Wilson, Manager of WETA Workshops and the person responsible for the costumes while they were no display. He is the one who allowed to look at the undersleeve of Eowyn's dress.  We all thank him Kell as our Galadriel. She wore the blonde wig for the masquerade and was in an anonymous Elven dress. It's the same dress from the pic where she is listed as Arwen in her own version of a wedding dress.
Dian as Haldir Michelle as Arwen
Me in the Eowyn Victory dress


Our group, the Middle Earth Cotillion, with Kell as Galadriel, Dian as Haldir, Michelle as Arwen Coronation, Jen as Legolas (kneeling), Kent as Aragorn, Caitlin as Arwen Chase, and Me (Cathy) as Eowyn.
Dian as Haldir


Kell as Galadriel. Now you can see how it's the same dress from a previous batch where she had the Arwen wig on. The blonde wig only lasted the one night.
Kent as Aragorn Caitlin as Arwen in the chase dress
Kent as Aragorn in royal garb next to a Strider costumer. I think the Strider costume won an award from Condor for being the best First Time masquerade entrant solo. The same award that Caitlin won last year for wearing Padme's Rainbow dress.

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