Saturn Awards 2003

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2003 Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards are presented each year by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films.  LOTR was nominated numerous times for everything from Best Fantasy Film  to Viggo Mortensten's and Elijah Wood's Best Actor to Andy Serkis's Best Supporting Actor to writing, music, costume, makeup to DVD.  Read a more detailed report on SciFi Wire  and  Cinescape.

LOTR won a Saturn awards for:

bulletbest fantasy film
bulletbest supporting actor (Andy Serkis as Gollum)
bulletbest DVD special-edition release
bulletbest costume (Ngila Dickson) tied w/ Star Wars II


A few folks received an invite to help work the red carpet...  Here they are with a few of the actors and writers that arrived.  (Please excuse the quality of some of the pics.  Web reporters get the back row and lots of elbows. <G>)  I don't have all the actor's names but you'll recognize them!

Each picture clicks open a larger pic

Award time with Andy Serkis.  Our folks (left to right): Debbie as Frodo, Tammy as Legolas, Shawna Moore as Arwen
With the Farscape folks: Claudia Black and Ben Browder
Adrian Paul from Highlander
Willard star, Crispin Glover
Sid and Marty Krofft received a special life time career award    
Dennis Weaver    
Amy Acker    
We're just having fun!  Check out some of the other costume folks that also came to play.

All photos by Cat Devereaux.  Higher rez versions are available of any pic who's name ends in "_med" .

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