LA Costume Gather 2003

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LA Costume Gather!

.This was our first big get together of just the LOTR Costume group.

We hit the LA garment district twice.  We went to FIDM and sketched and picked over details until the guards came up and joined us trying to figure out what we were looking at.  We went to Universal City and had a great dinner on Friday.  Saturday night those still conscious went to Cat's and had Chinese and caught the FOTR DVD having fun dissecting the costumes.  We should have taped our own audio commentary!

No costumes here... but check out some of the fabric buys.  Many thanks to EmBee's downtown for hosting us in his show.  Here's the web page with our addenda.

Each picture clicks open a larger pic

A few very fuzzy photos from Cat's new phone...

Here is some of the crew on Saturday after our shopping spree.  We're exhausted, but check out those gloating smiles... and all the fabric behind us.
Our host was EmBee's Fabric (North West corner of 9th and Maple... inside the mall.)
But we left some fabric!
Tired and sharing conquest stories.   Our host for the day.  Check out the fabric swatch section to see some of the cool matches we've found at EmBee's.  He has no e-mail but call, he will ship anywhere and will do a few yards or a large bulk order.

Pics from Rhonda at Embee's


Pics from Cecila, checking out the spoils

Check out the fabrics behind us.

Dragging full bags back to the car after an exhausting day Starting to party and sharing more stuff Tired quests, but have the required fabrics for Elrond


If you got group pictures, check with the folks in them, if they're OK w/ us posting them here... send them along!  Contact us at

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