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Extra Info for Contestants

To all contestants:

There were some mess-ups in timing and the "costume parade" was run though quickly for the Hall of Fire audience, but it had to be judged after the fact, by combining judges observations and photos.  It took a while to find (hey, it was a party weekend) and compare notes among the judges.  Part of the judging ended up having to be done by photograph.  We scoured the web and snacked images from all over.

Many apologies for the long delay in the announcement.  There were major real life issues on my part and things kept getting delayed.  Many apologies.

If we do not have your photograph on the page, or you would like to substitute what we do have, please send the photo to scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com.  Please make sure the header says "HOF".

To the contest winners:

We have colorful certificates to send to all of the award winner.  You have two choices.  We can e-mail you the certificate.  It's in a word document and prints out on a regular sheet of paper.  (Half sheet actually.)  OR, we can print out the certificate and mail it to you.  You'll need to send your complete name and mailing address.

Please reply with the name you want on your certificate.

We have not listed complete names on purpose.  If you would like your complete name listed, or would prefer to use a fan name, please write us.  If you would like us to substitute another picture of the costume, please send it.  If you would like us to link to a web page or site, please send the link.  Please refer to your costume by the number listed on the side as there were many Frodos and Aragorns.

All correspondence should go to scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com.  Please include "HOF" in the message line as I get over 100 pieces of junk mail a day beyond regular group e-mail.

Thanks you for all your participation and patience.


Orc 2005 | LosCon 2004 | RingCon Germany '04 | RingCon Seattle '04 | Boston Exhibit Open | Comic Con 2004 | Hall Of Fire Masquerade | ROTK Opening! | ComicCon2003 | Saturn Awards 2003 | Oscars 2003 | LA Costume Gather 2003 | TTT Opening!

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