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Frodo's Fellowship Outfit

(Find the fellowship cloaks, sting, mithril and the one ring in the "things" section)

Fellowship Outfit Index

Continuity Notes

Frodo and Sam's costumes go though 27 continuity changes in Mordor alone.   Making of Trilogy, pg 89.   

Given this information, there may be a lot more than 40 copies of some of Frodo's garments.  (Remember, copies were also needed for his mini-me, stunt double and stand-in.)

Basic Description:

Casa Loma w/ Traveling Cloak ROM with Fellowship Cloak


  • Rust brown trousers, with pockets.  Cotton velvet or cotton Velveteen,  drop front
  • X-back button suspenders/braces. Leather ends (brown or black)  that button onto the pants on the outside.
  • Off white shirt, 6 button (plus 1 on collar) linen shirt with pinstriped sleeves.  Self covered buttons.
  • Rust brown velvet/velveteen vest with 5 black domed shank buttons,  high left breast welt pocket, waist slit pockets in seam
  • Soft Rose-Brown wool mid weight herringbone tweed frock coat with darker  velvet lapels- reaches just below mid-thigh, 3 buttons (maybe wooden), 2 pockets that button closed, back has split CB tails, and a back strap, also cuff straps
  • Dark green hooded cloak with buttoned crossover neck.  Hemp cloth. coarse weave


The Coat


  • A three buttons on coat front marked by X's
  • B collar cuts down into lapel
  • C second seam on underside of sleeve
  • D princess seam back seams go down to hem.
    • note: some believe the waist seam (w) continues across
  • the side back and the back between the two side/back straps, others believe that standard coat construction was used which has the waist seam stop at the sides.
  • E Center Back seam
  • E1 Center back vent, goes to waist level!
  • F slit pocket in waist seam, button closed, just below side
  • strap on each side
  • G back sleeve seam
  • H cuff strap straddles back sleeve seam

fabric note: herringbone wool coat with cotton velveteen collar and lapels

Above illustration by Primmy

  • A roll line for lapel
  • B placement of waist pocket in slit on each side
  • C side seam: note does not go all the way to bottom if you follow conventional construction without a waist seam crossing the side into the back.
  • D Center Back vent, goes to waist level
  • E roll line of collar. place 1/2 collar piece on fold (E1) to cut out
  • F placement of outer sleeve seam
  • G side back (princess seam) note: some believe the waist seam (w) continues across the side back and the back between the two side/back straps, others believe that standard coat construction was used which has the waist seam stop at the sides.

X's indicate placement of buttons for front, pocket, belt and sleeve tab

Illustration by Sean

Yes, there are variations between the two... we're still debating.

or here for high rez
London exhibit, with Travel Cloak
Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987
CU detail of the sleeve A bit of detail on the buttons

The coat fabric

  • Coat is made from a mid weight herringbone tweed. 
  • The sign at the London traveling exhibit states it is wool
    • Has brown velvet lapels
    • Best shot of fabric is in "The Art of FOTR", at the weapon's page.
      • Note the pattern detailing on the coat sleeve.  That design is called herringbone
      • See buttoned tab on the cuff
      • Also fantastic detail of cloak
    • Also we have a good swatch of it on our Wool Swatch page.
    • This swatch didn't scan well, but it's the wool.  At the ROM exhibit, our swatch was checked directly against Frodo's cloak.  Dead match.
    • Hem reaches just below mid-thigh,
    • All buttons are brown wood. There are a total of 13 buttons: 3 front closures, 1 at each waist pocket, 2 on each strap about the waist pockets, and 2 on each strap at each cuff.
    • Horizontal side pockets are located at the waist seam, just below a short strap. These are slit pockets with no flaps, but they do button shut. Frodo's pockets were made to sag open by stuffing them with pebbles to weight them. 
    • Back of coat has a vent in the CB seam from waist to hem

"I am sending you a 150 dpi scan of the Frodo coat fabric I bought from Em-Be coupled with the Frodo Travel Coat card. On my calibrated monitor the color comes out perfect. As you can see the fabric is a very close match - I think it's probably identical except that the real swatch has probably been laundered and maybe even weathered. The fabric weave appears identical but bigger - almost as if the Em-Be version is the one from the scale doule's costume. Yet when I compare the fabric to the Frodo standee and the hobbit scale picture in the Art of FOTR book on page 120 the weave is larger and about right for the Elijah Wood sized version. By the way you should mention that photo as a reference on the web site as it is exactly hobbit scale, I put my Sting replica over the photograph and it's the same size. Helps a lot to figure out the sizes of buttons and stuff..."

== Daniel G.

Click for the link to our source for the fabric and a larger pic, or <here> to go directly for the pic  


The Fellowship Shirt 

 Click the pic for a page of notes on Frodo's fellowship shirts

The Trousers

Labeling for the pant pattern pieces
  • A front
  • B pocket
  • C front facing
  • D cloth covered buttons on breeches (6 on front, 2 on back)

fabric note: cotton velveteen narrow-fall drop-front breeches with pockets

(artwork by Primmy)

  • A - Front
  • B - Back
  • C/D - Pocket front
  • Detail:
  • G - Fall-front facing

Artwork by Sean

Trouser pattern diagram and more details in Making it page

The Suspenders


It appears that the hobbit suspenders may be inkle-woven. The suspenders seem to be narrower than regular adult suspenders, only about an inch and a quarter wide.  The single-button tabs at the ends are probably leather (based on "X-back" single button suspenders from the Civil War era.) The hobbit suspenders do not appear to have length adjustment mechanisms, so they would be fitted to the individual wearer.

We suspect that a short length of elastic band is used to attach each tab to the suspender end on the back, for comfort and a better fit. (based on a back view of Pippin hugging Frodo in Rivendell.)   Then again there could be two version, one for close up and one for wear with jackets and vests.

However, the front tabs of Frodo's suspenders seem to be gathered slightly, which could mean that they are made of cloth and elastic has been added behind or inside the tab (based on a medium closeup of Frodo in a tree.)


So far, no close-up shots of Frodo's suspenders in plain daylight have been found. The only close shots are from the Galadriel's Mirror sequence, which was digitally graded heavily into the lavender/blue spectrum. Non-digitally graded images in the costume-breakdown section of the extended DVD set are not close-up enough to show detail, but overall they appear to be tan or light brown. Frodo's suspenders most likely have beige or tan yarn for the background and brown yarn for the elongated diamond pattern. Possibly, the background yarn is multi-colored or parti-colored, causing irregular flecks of darker tans and greys to appear throughout the background. The tabs are brown, probably leather, and appear to match the trouser color pretty closely.

There at least 4 colors total woven in - background is a mix of light beige or ivory (almost matching his shirt), and a medium grayish brown. These threads make a sort of W pattern.  Also see yellow and green threads

Kay Dee's Study page on the suspenders: http://www.angelfire.com/art/kathys/frodosuspenders.htm

The Vest

  • Vest is dark rust cotton velveteen with 5 dark metal domed shank buttons
    • the vest is a dark rust colour, a warm reddish-orange-ish brown. (from londor exhibit)
    • The buttons are half-domes, either bronze or horn.
  • High left breast welt pocket
  • 2 waist pockets located on a seam, these are slit pockets with no welt or flap.
  • Sides are split slightly at the bottom
  • Bilbo giving Frodo sting - back of Frodo, in vest
  • Vest appears to be topstitched around the edge, but really has a border edge added



Construction Tips on coat, pants and vest

See the Making of section

Original Travel Cloak

Click the pic for the section on Frodo's original Travel Cloak

Fellowship Cloaks

We have a new page just for the cloak over in Things <here>.


Notes on his backpack and accessories are on Frodo's main page.

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