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Making Frodo's Fellowship Outfit...


This is Sean's version.  We still have a bit of debate on every seam... but this is very close.



  • A roll line for lapel
  • B placement of waist pocket in slit on each side
  • C side seam: note does not go all the way to bottom if you follow conventional construction without a waist seam crossing the side into the back.
  • D Center Back vent, goes to waist level
  • E roll line of collar. place 1/2 collar piece on fold (E1) to cut out
  • F placement of outer sleeve seam
  • G side back (princess seam) note: some believe the waist seam (w) continues across the side back and the back between the two side/back straps, others believe that standard coat construction was used which has the waist seam stop at the sides.

X's indicate placement of buttons for front, pocket, belt and sleeve tab

Illustration by Sean



Everyone agrees on this on finally.  Here's the pattern.

Anyone who gets to see this on exhibit, please check for detail

  • A - Front
  • B - Back
  • C1 - Front Edging (looks like simple topstitching, actually
  • a whole piece)
  • C2 - Back Edging
  • edge band extends all around vest - finished width approx 1"
  • D - Neck Facing
  • E1 - Seam for lower front piece
  • E2 - Seam for lower back piece
  • F - Placement for seam inset pocket
  • G - Place for welted breast pocket
  • H - Side seam split to this mark
  • I - 5 Button placements at X's



The new mock-up does not include the pockets (but the waist seam where the pockets go is still there), 

Labeling for the pant pattern pieces
  • A front
  • B pocket
  • C front facing
  • D cloth covered buttons on breeches (6 on front, 2 on back)

fabric note: cotton velveteen narrow-fall drop-front breeches with pockets

(artwork by Primmy)

Sean's drawing for Frodo's trousers.  Pieces that go with the pattern labeled. How the pattern pieces go together
  • A - Front
  • B - Back
  • C/D - Pocket front
  • Detail:
  • G - Fall-front facing

This is how the facing works on the drop-front panel, the panel is wide open and attached to the front leg at the dark area, then it can fold up and be buttoned in place.

Example of pattern pieces from Sean's trousers.
  • A front
  • B back
  • C pocket front
  • D pocket back
  • E front facing
  • F back facing
  • G fall-front facing



Check out Sean's site for his patterns and details.  Also check our scrapbook for other's hobbit work.



Comments welcome, hit the yahoo list!

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