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Frodo's Fellowship Shirt

Ver 1.7 - update November 2005

There are two version of Frodo's main shirt.  The first one only has 3 buttons.  The second opens down the front and has a long facing.

1st Fellowship shirt.  Worn in a shortcut from mushrooms


A) 1" side band collar

B)  Bib extends from armscye to form Henley front

C) Full sleeve gathered into shoulder and upper cuff

D) 3" lower cuff

E) 1" upper cuff band

F) Solid front sewing into Self-facing bib.  Seam allowance topstiched on bib side.

Back of the shirt

G) Back yoke extends 4" below collar at center back into slightly gathered back.  meets big from at true shoulder line.

H) Cuff buttons front to back on the underarm seam

(Note, picture of cuff here is incorrect, tab is on other side.)

Close-up of cuff detail.  Button is on the tab.

2nd (and most common version of the shirt)



Shirt has more buttons down the front and a long front facing, but no yoke.  It is the one that we see in most of the movie

The large front facing that is stitched down across the front.


Additional Description

  • Shirt
    • Off-white  medium weight linen shirt
    • Sleeves are off-white with blue double pin-striping,  
    • There are two version of the shirt.  when they first started filming it only opened down 3-4 buttons with a full yoke.  It was changed to all the way open with a  large trapezoidal facing on front. Main shirt has 6 buttons plus 1 on the collar.
  • Cuffs are the same two part cuffs we see on Biblo's party outfit -- narrow one inch hand then a flared, unbuttoned top cuff.

All shirt buttons are covered in off-white linen. Coarse, not like any of the garments. Clear roundish ridge around the edge, with deeper flat center.

Why two different shirts?

Filming started with the 3 button yoke shirt.  This one can be seen in the very first shot filmed of the hobbits hiding under the tree root to avoid the ring wraith.  However, wardrobe quickly found out that the shirt needed to open much further.  The example given is in Moria after Frodo is wounded, the shirt must be open enough to show mithril.  The shirt was redesigned to open all the way down and have the long facing.  This shirt is seem best during the mirror scene with Galadriel

Shirt Pin stripe (by Primmy)

The pinstripe pattern in the sleeves and cuffs: Each pinstripe is dark blue.

Suspender pattern


Pictures illustrating the shirt.

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