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Review of the Neiman Marcus

== by Yukailin, a opening day report w/ LOTS of PICTURES
    November 24, 2003

The Lord of the Rings Storefront display, Beverly Hills, CA

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Yes, it was a bit chaotic with the Hobbits. Turned out to be Elijah and Billy, along with Sir Ian and Chris and Dan Hennah. I talked with Dan Hennah a bit, he remembered me from the Oscar party because I quizzed him relentlessly about Dernhelm's armor. He laughed at how
giddy I got over the Rohan window display.

So, the displays. There was one for Rohan called Theoden's tent. One for Hobbiton, which was the front of Bagend. One for Rivendell, which was mostly Arwen's room, and one for Gondor called Minis Tirith Great Hall.

For costumes:

It was Frodo in his birthday party outfit, and Bilbo in a very find smoking jacket, and Gandalf's grey robes and hat.

Rohan had Eowyn's white dress with the brown vest/corset, shieldmaiden. Merry is standing next to her, but it's his fellowship outfit. There is also the armor of a Royal Guard, with
helmet resting on a chair. There is a standard sword in the foreground, and then a sword that was either Eomer's, Theoden's, or belonging to the Royal Guard. I do not think it's Eowyn's, but it's a possibility.

We see Striders original outfit, sans his cloak, so it's just his jacket and tunic and pants and the boots. We then see Arwen in the blue mourning gown, which was at FIDM, and is the funeral outfit she wears, sans crown and blue scarf, since none of the mannequins have heads. Her banner from her room is there, as well as her lounge, the banner is gorgeous and I want it. Oh, there are beads hanging down on the bottom, a ship in the middle, and a leaf or star up high in the middle, just below the branches of the trees.

Faramir's outfit, complete with great view of his boots, and his Long Bow. Boromir's outfit, with his sword and the Horn of Gondor on the table, don't recall if his shield was anywhere, and there was no cloak. Pippin in his Fellowship putfit is next, with Denethor last. At least, I'm guessing it's Denethor, it was rather plain, but I don't think it could be anyone else.

These pics were taken at nighttime.  They are lit with colored lights, and there are Christmas lights in the street, casting their reflection in the window. You'll see one funky shot of Faramir and Boromir with loads of glitter stars on the backdrop, and those are from the street. I can't wait to see this thing in the light of day, when things will be brighter and I can focus on better
close ups of things.

Rohan Props and environment Merry, Eowyn's Shield Maiden, Rohan Royal Guard  
    Theoden's sword
Aragorn's Strider - Elven Environment Arwen's Mourning Elf 3rd age
Arwen's bedroom banner    
  Pippin and Denethor - Gondorian environment Boromir
  Bilbo's Birthday party outfit - Hobbiton environment  
Frodo's party outfit and Gandalf the Grey    

Anyone who has pictures, please send them to dacat@alleycatscratch.com .

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