2nd Age Soldier

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The Numenorean / Gondorian 2nd Age Soldier

Another Gondorian type of Armor.  This shares some style with the full Gondorian Suit of armor we see on Boromir and his "knights", but it is much simpler.  It it from the 2nd age.

The Numenorean (or rather, second age Gondorian) soldiers wear a black woolen or linen tabard over what looks a lot like a standard third-age Gondorian breastplate. The tabard reaches to below the knee, and is edged with black leather, like the Gondorian Rangers. On the chest it sports the second age White Tree and Seven Stars design (and possibly the crown...I don't remember), same as on their shield, tooled and painted on a separate piece of leather which is then stitched to the tabard. Under everything they wear a white linen undershirt, also reaching to below the knee.

The Second-age Gondorian shields are made of wood, with black leather covering the front, and some iron reinforcement around the edges. The leather is tooled and painted with the second-age white tree, seven stars, and crown devices.

2nd age Gondor soldier from the TTT opening weekend at the airport (Tyellas)

(high rez here)

Side view - from London Exhibit. 
Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987
CU of helm Chest design.  Note the top star is a crown.
Chest design - darkened Chest Design - inverted
CU of painted belt buckle  
CU of the shield.  

Thanks to Xander and JB for the description.  Thanks to Tyellas for the images.


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