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Gondorian Civilians

Check the pictures in the cities around Theoden and the Eowyn as well as other Gondorians to see the background civilians.


(descriptions from the an RotK game demo - thanks to Megan)

The Gondorian women seem to be wearing is an early 13th century get-up, consisting of a tunic-gown and a cyclas (KY-klass), which is sort of like an overtunic. The brocaded cord belts Ngila mentioned ever so long ago are there; the pattern these women have is a crossover forming an 'X' on the back and front. The undergown is a pale yellow, and the cyclas a slate blue, with darker blue cord belts.

There are TWO different styles of dress present on the women, and not just one as I'd thought earlier. The second is /very/ similar to the first, but the cyclas has morphed into a garment with ever-so-slightly capped sleeves and sewn-up sides. Very nearly a full-blown overdress, but quite similar-looking to the first .

Also, around their necks the women wear a sort of cowl scarf. This
appears from what I can tell (I can't get screenshots, so I'm having
to observe all this in motion!) to be a sort of tube that one pulls
over the head and leaves bunched around the neck. This can match
either the colour of the cyclas, or the colour of the undergown/tunic.
(I saw both slate blue and pale yellow.) No whites or creams to be
seen so far. Hair is worn up, braided and coiled; very Romanesque

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