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Gondorian Chancellor's Robe

This costume has been described as Denethor's robe.  However, we see it only on a man in the background.  So we've named it the "Chancellor's Robe".  The final identification is still out, though it is definitely Gondorian in style.

We think it's the grey one in back:  Note the match on the buttons on the collar side, the V and the general amount of flare.

This is a glorious gown of fabrics and textures.

Basic description

Layers, inside out

  • Outer layer: Sleeveless, floor length surcoat of black velvet textured in a circular scaled pattern.  Open down the front.  Edged in two rows of trim with a linearly textured velvet.  There is some flare in the back of the robe.  Lined.
  • Inner robe of light charcoal damask.   Full length.  V neck is trimmed with wide metallic trim edged in the same fabric used on the sleeves.   The long sleeves are slightly flared and folded over to form a cuff.  This fabric looks to be a chevron patterned wool with metallic threads though it.  It is assumed that this is split front and back as with other Gondorian robes
  • Inner tunic is reminiscent of Aragorn's Rivendell undertunic.  Light grey damask.  This has a mandarin collar.  It fastens on the side with silver buttons and button loops.  The buttons are silver and may be a tree.  These sleeves have either a small cuff or just narrow down.  Looks like it might be a puff.  Two buttons at least on the cuff.  It is assumed that this fastens down to the waist
  • Charcoal grey mandarin collared rib knit inner shirt.  This may be a false collar, or part of the shirt that protects the rest of the costume.
  • It is assumed that there are trousers under this assembly. 
  • Belt is Grey leather with silver buckle.  The leather is tooled and the design is painted silver.
From the Neiman Marcus window.  Pippin and Denethor???  Or  chancellor robe
All the upper fabrics here, colors fairly accurate.
Notice how the lighting changes the color of the top foot of the costume. CU of collar.  Note the inside layer of the mandarin collar.  Looks like a grey/black ribbed knit.
Close up of the center of the costume.  Just the sleeveless surcoat and the main robe. Neck trim, turned sideway to enhance the pattern.  Color is off somewhat, but there is a definitely blue, red and metallic silver to this design.  The bottom design is actually mitered to a point.
CU of the leather belt Woven trim from the surcoat next to the belt
Side of the robe.  Note the fullness of surcoat at the bottom.  Sleeves are assumed to belong to the "V" neck robe because the sleeve fabric matches the edging to the trim. CU of edge of the sleeve.  Note how the cuff is turned up.  You can see both sides of the cuff off the outer sleeve.  The robe's sleeve has two silver buttons.  This layer is assumed to match the mandarin collared tunic.
CU of the inner sleeve
Button close-up, side Buttons from the front.  IS that a tree???
Robe sleeve fabric (wool and metal threads)  and Surcoat velvet.  Slightly lightened. A luxury of fabrics, left to right, sleeve, surcoat velvet, trim, velvet, damask of "V" necked robe
"V" necked robe fabric Same fabric, enhanced to show pattern.


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This page was last updated 04/22/08