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Gondorian Ranger (Ithilien Ranger)

Version 2.1, March 2005

See Faramir as well for pictures and more detail sketches  Pictures and summary here are a combination of observation of the extras as of Faramir.

Overview pictures

(more details in description

Ranger of Gondor from the ROM at Toronto (click for high rez pic)  
  Farmir and the hobbits in the Osgilath environment at the ROM 2002 Osgilath
Full Wellington Premier shot Full Wellington Premier shot
Great detail for all the lacing
(or high rez here) Lightened detail Note cloak come in brown and the grey black... this is the real color - not over lightened



Colors overall

Stone gray, light brown, dark brown, dark rusty brown, or dark green.








Light wool. Long sleeves. Yoked

A:  sleeves quilted in diagonal blocks (this may only be for Faramir, the other may be plain)

B:  all holes on costume generally riveted with a dark metal (brass?)

C:  point ends just below sternum

A lighter color on Faramir.  His Rangers’ are generally a dark muddy green or grey

Linen undershirt, reaching to below the knee. At the London exhibit it is visible only there, where it peeps out from under the other layers, at the inner part of the elbow, and (possibly) at the neck.  It may also be a bit of cloth the Rangers use to cover the lower half of their face or might actually be the shirt's collar.

Long Vest/ Jerkin

Leather (or wool?) with leather trim (~3-4 ounces). Same type of lacing as for the mantle. Split in the middle at the front and at the back up to the waist. Also split on the sides with lacing. Ends at buttock/groin level. No lacing at the bottom (~6 to 8 inches).

Dark brown, black or dark grey (varies by ranger) leather jerkin, with a brown woolen underlayer to it. The front is held shut with laces through grommets (lots of them), the sides each have four pairs of D-rings through which lacings pass.

Brown woolen tabard/surcoat, edged with black leather. The bottom is shaped like a very flat 'V'. The leather edging is about 4-5 cm wide (slightly less than 2 inches)


Drops below the knee where it meets the boots. Slightly wedge shaped front and back. Split at the sides and large enough so that the front and back slightly overlap.

A.  Side seams laced?  Or simply sewn?

Heavy wool, dark green or brown (varies by ranger).  Back same as front.  Edged with a material of the same color with a bit more of a shiny finish than the wool.



No info.  Assumed they exist, tucked into boots under tabard.  Would be a dark color


Lower edge of vest w/ tabard in view


Full outfit – front view (and vest description)

Vest with attached sleeves – either leather or heavy wool

A:  Seams edged with leather

B:  Sleeve attaches to yoke

C:  Reinforced pads onto which the cloak attaches

D:  body a dark brown

E:  Yoke in a darker material, seems almost black

F:  Sleeve in olive brown wool

G:  Bottom edge ends just below groin

H:  Tabard ends just below knee level

I:  Vest ends below midcalf

illo by Xander/JB

Gorget has different shapes

Mantle /Yoke /Gorget

(We've got two descriptions that quite match, but this may be because the rangers wear slightly different outfits.)

This is in addition to the Cloak.  It is thick wool (or double wool thickness) with leather trim. Split in the middle with grommets in the leather trim. Laces upward with ties at the neck. Covers the shoulders until they meet the arms. Tip is triangular and end at around plexus (tip of the sternum level) but varies slightly. The edges are bound and it is laced. (Rom exhibit)

Rust-brown leather gorget (yoke), laced up with (probably) 11 pairs of grommets. It appears to be made out of one piece, with no shoulder seams. The strap holding the cloak in place disappears into the gorget through a pair of reinforced slit in the front.  (London exhibit)

Mantle/ Yoke and cloak. From ROM exhibit 2002

Note wrapped edges.  This one appears to be woll

Full outfit – side view (and boot description)

Low boots with knee high chaps. Chaps have reversible flaps about 3 inches in height.

A:  metal rings

B:  knee high chaps, olive brown stiff material 

  Detachable sleeve

Olive brown wool, quilted

Top edge of the sleeve attaches to yoke of vest by two buttons. They are laced underneath. (You can clearly see how the sleeves are made under the arm as Faramir reaches behind to fetch an arrow to shoot the Southron man off the oliphaunt.) They have a slightly triangular shape

Rust-red suede quilted pauldrons, same as Faramir's, closed with laces though grommets.


Cloak and accessories – front view

Also see pics above

3 belts:  a swordbelt, a quiver-strap, and a single strap of thin leather to which a couple of pouches are affixed.

A: Long Gondorian buckle with another belt doing from the front to the back over the right shoulder. leather strap connected to quiver in back.  Buckle detail

B: Main belt. Vertical belt holds pouches of some kind. Differs slightly from one ranger to another.

C:  Attaches to reinforced patches on the vest with attached sleeves

Olive-green cloak, semi-circle, with a heavily frayed bottom edge. The material is quite thin, about the weight of a light denim. The cloak is hooded, the hood it double-layered (lined with the same material).



Ankle length (about 1 inch off the floor). Close fitting hood on some, larger on others. Wide neck (~ 6 inches wide when worn) with leather band as closure with reinforced leather tabs on cloak. Braid cord ends with a knot and 3 ends.

Gondorian type claps at the neck with leather reinforcement underneath.

Cloak a loosely woven dark green



Black leather boots

'Shoetoppers' covering the lower legs and the tops of the shoes/boots, in rust-brown leather, with a strap running along the bottom of the boots.


See how quiver is tightened at the top


Oval, around 24 inches long. Made of two types of leather (the outside one around ~5-6 ounces, the inside one at ~2-3 ounces, maybe a little heavier for both).

The inside leather is long enough to protect the fletching of the arrows in case of rain. It can be rolled back like a sock to expose the arrows. It is most often worn this way. This covering looks like the one on Aragorn's quiver. The quivers holds around 6 arrows.

Particular design in the back of the quiver. Open in the upper part.

Quiver strap is made of one piece of leather (~5-6 ounces). Strap holds the Gondorian type buckle or square belt buckle. Most hero shots have the Gondorian buckle. I estimate the top strap attaches at one third the height of the quier. The bottom strap attaches to the quiver between one third and one half of the quiver height.

Bottom strap is often tucked under the armpit. Cloak can be worn over or under the strap. A hole in the cloak probably allows that. Having the bottom strap over the quiver holds the cloak in place so as not to interfere with the bow string when shooting.



Fletching is yellow-green. Seems to be cut in the standard shield shape or a little squarer.



Each ranger is equipped with a standard Gondorian soldier's sword long sword. The swords are 'hand-and-a-half' swords, with brass pommels and crossguards. The grip is either dark wood or dark leather. At the crossguard the grip is square in cross-section, but it is rounded until completely round at the pommel.   Curved cross-piece.

See more sketches here

Vambrace – top view

Leather (~5-6 ounces) double thickness. Two pieces only unlike Boromir's. Bottom leather is dark brown with upper leather reddish/brown. The top of the bracer is roughly tooled with the sea bird Gondorian design. Length is from the wrist to where the forearm and elbow meet (just short of the elbow).

Two layers

A:  End at knuckles

B:  Under layer a soft leather (suede?) in a medium brown. 

C:  Upper layer a hard leather in dark brown, embossed with design

Vambrace – bottom view

A:  Upper layer buckled together

B:  Hole for thumb

C:  Joined with a strap of leather that lays across the palm

Vambrace – thumb-sided view

 A:  Hole for thumb

B:  Strap attaches here

Vambrace – blade-sided view


Olive-green bracers, quilted fabric (linen?). These extend over the back of the hand, with grommets in the corners for a lace running over the palm of the hand. The quilting-stitching runs lengthwise, along the arm. Closed with laces and grommets.

Covers the forearm and extends over the hand up to the knuckles. Held to the hand by a small strip of fabric going across the palm of the hand.  Quilted leather.



Probably wool and only a tube worn over the bottom half of the face. Wool knitted would provide a better fit. Could be light leather or same fabric as the cloak. Probably doubles as a scarf as it seems to cover the neck at the same time as it covers the face.


 All art in this section by SilliMarilli, additional descriptions from the London 2003 exhibit  by Xander and JB, Extra pictures by Sytske.

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  • Notes:
  • For the "quilted leather shirt"/gambeson that the Gondorian rangers are wearing,  the sleeves are tied to the "shirt" at the top.

ROTK photos thanks to Green Leaf, Sytske, Tyellas and ToRN's Wellington gallery

Main page editor Francois and SilliMarilli

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