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TTT Irvine Line Party

Irvine Spectrum, Southern California, December 2002

Here are some costume pictures from one of California's biggest line parties for the opening of "The Two Towers".

Picture hyperlinks will open larger shots of the costumes.

Luckily, opening night for The Two Towers fell between rain storms in Southern California, but it was still mightily cold and windy. I arrived at the Edwards 21 Theater at the Irvine Spectrum around 5pm to find about 20 people or more already in line. My first group had actually set up camp at midnight the night before, so they were were all set with a tent and sleeping bags. This line was for the first theater to have gone on sale and sold out weeks earlier. By the time the theater let everyone in, we had 4 lines and 4 very full theaters. Final numbers are close to 2000 people seeing the midnight screening of Two Towers.

As you can see from the pics, we had some fabulous costumers turn up to win items provided by Sideshow/WETA and Houghton Mifflin. I also had helpers run some games, including a Jeopardy style trivia game and a quotes competition. These games were run in the lines, while inside the theater lobby, we had some Decipher product champions showing people the ins and outs of the LOTR TCG.

I ran a second Line Party event on Saturday, December 21. This afforded adding games and activities for kids to participate in. We had coloring and word games for the kids, a raffle drawing during one of the evening screenings, and Dagohir, a combat recreation group demonstrate fighting techniques. We also had a blood drive, which brought in 31 pints of donated blood by the end of the day. Prizes for this day included more Sideshow/WETA statues, Topps collectible card sets, The One Ring by Badali Jewellry and some shirts and soundtracks provided by New Line.

All in all, both days went very well, and people truly seemed happy to be there, hang out together, and see an amazing movie.

== Garfeimano

Would you believe these are just some of the folks that showed up in costume???  There were plenty more.  (Send pics if you've got them.)

  Some of our contest winners  
Merchant of Bree Legolas Bilbo w/ Sting
  Arwen's Hope dress  
Elf   Arwen's Blood Red Dress
An archer in chain maille    
See more of this outfit at Tammy's web site.

Sorry we don't have more details, but wanted to share them anyway. We believe we've got everyone's permission for this.  If you want your pictures taken down, let us know...  Contact us at

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