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TTT Line Party

Parties for the opening of "The Two Towers".

Picture hyperlinks will open larger shots of the costumes.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Line Party

submitted by Karli

Click on the pic for more pictures

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  -  Line Party

submitted by Niphredil

More pics coming soon from the only non-English Line Party in TORN's Ten Top Lines

Mesa Grand, Arizona - Line Party

submitted by Princess Bree

Click on pic to head to their web

Berkley California  - Line Party

submitted by Carolyn

Click pic to head to their web page

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada - Line Party

Submitted by Hayden

Chicago, Illinois Line Party

Submitted by Elan L

Tigerlily (LP leader), Lakely, me (Elan), my husband  

Ohio Line Party

submitted by Sidhe


Even more costumes from line parties

bulletMemphis, TN, submitted by Kell
bulletPennsylvania, submitted by Julia
bullet (inactive web link) 



Sorry we don't have more details, but wanted to share them anyway. We believe we've got everyone's permission for this.  If you want your pictures taken down, let us know...  Contact us at

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