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TTT Gothenburg, Sweden - Line Party

Line party for the opening of "The Two Towers" that was actually a major camp out.

Picture hyperlinks will open larger shots of the costumes.

submitted by Elenaria

Dancing the night away

Even before this very evening, the hype had begun. Me myself, I queued for 4 ½ days outside the cinema Palladium. And then there was a month of nervous speculations, would the movie keep up with our expectations? As the evening grew nearer, plans were made. Many smaller groups ate dinners, and watched the FotR, to get "in-character". We decided to walk along the Avenue, me and my friends: the elf from Mirkwood, a Gondorian, one lonely Uruk, and a lovely Rohan lady. We were the first in place, and during the next hours greeted more and more of the lucky ones who got a premier ticket. There were Arwens, hobbits, elves, Gondorians, Rohirrim and even three ringwraiths (lucky for us, also two or three Gandalfs and one random Istari). I even saw a Gollum. There was dancing and singing outside the cinema, and I understood why I had camped in the queue for so long - the hype and excitement made the air almost sparkle.


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