TTT Premier Party in New Zealand

Folks created their own Line Party for the premiere opening of "The Two Towers" in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Wellington, New Zealand World Premier

Submitted by Jen G. (aka Magpie Jen or Laughing-Magpie), Raj and Emma, Canada


A sampling of photos from the red carpet and the midnight showing at the Embassy Theater in Wellington, New Zealand. There were only a handful in costume, so we seemed to generate some attention we were asked several times if we were in the movie or somehow officially part of the festivities J. TV crews also seemed rather interested in a group of Canadians in costume at a premiere half-way across the globe... hmm, they seemed to think we were really big fans or something J.

  Elijah arriving  
A set of Emyn Muil/Morder at the entrance of the theater   Gollumn greeting

A huge Gollum was unveiled on top of the theatre with fireworks and confetti set off to celebrate him. A set of Emyn Muil/Morder-like rocks and scrub was put up in front of the theater entrance for the cast and crew to enter through. A tremendous opening for a fabulous movie!

More photos of the even from Lyric


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