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The biggest baddest boy (OK, Orc) of the Fellowship of the Ring.



 Lurtz is a massive prosthetic that it took hours and hours to get the actor in... but there is a bit of costume there.  Given the dark costume, sometimes it's hard to tell where the body stops and the costume begins.  It is strips of leather, plastics and metal.

Be warned, the amount of armor he wears does very.




The full sized Weta prosthetic

Display Lurtz, loincloth

Display Lurtz, with armor

All ready for the ultimate movie! Full length shot
or <here> for high rez
or <here> for high rez
Side detail
or <here> for high rez
Full length shot
or <here> for high rez
Chest and shoulder detailing.  Top pieces look to be leather, bottom are metal Better shot of the lacing Chest from a lower angle
Belt buckle at waist.  Same belt buckle in smaller sizes are used for the rest of his outfits Iron cod piece!  Or, studded leather and iron. According to "making of" details, "goblin knickers" are designer underwear attached to bits of leather.  In this case, besides the leather fig leaf, there's is a serious leather spade attached from the waist.  He must sit very carefully. (What? did you expect, a serious description????)  
Gauntlet, clasping sword.  Heavily lightened. Gauntlet, darker, towards natural colors  
Full length shot
or <here> for high rez
Closer show of the shoes and end of the tunic CU on one shoe and the strapping.  Note, buckles are the same as the waist buckle, just smaller.
Close up of center back at waist.  Not lacing/sewing detailing    
Full length shot
or <here> for high rez
See how armor plating fits at the waist CU of Lurtz holding onto the shield.  See how one strap is at high wrist, and then he holds a knob on the shild.
Side view side view details Another gauntlet shot

These pictures are from one of the 3 Lurtz full sized figures that were created by Weta Workshop.  Daniel now owns this one and shares his pictures with us.  Here is an excerpt of the letter he received from Richard Taylor.

"...To create your Lurtz was quite an affair. It took about four to five months of pretty consistent work. Bill Hunt and Jamie Beswarick sculptured it, Jason Docherty supervised the mold-making (done in fiberglass and silicon), Jason Harvey skinned the creature and foamed the interior. An armature was welded up and then Les Nairn and Gino Acevedo painted in along with adding eyes and teeth. Mike Grealish made the costume, which I finally assembled.  ..."

All of Lurtz's costume is made entirely of leather except for the shin guards, sword, shield, and naturally the buckles. The chest pieces are constructed of very rigid leather, probably wet first and then molded to give it an armored, metal appearance. I manufacture orthopedic appliances and artificial limbs and have molded this type of leather before over positive casts of the patients.

Then Weta techs used a Swede type leather around the shoulders and groin. The artist spent a great deal of time airbrushing in the details to give it the effects you see.

If you need more details of the Lurtz outfit, you can write Daniel.  If you make a Lurtz using these pictures to assist you, please share them.

Full armor exhibit

As seen at the London Exhibit, 2003

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

See how the collar comes up close around the neck, hides the neck seams well Chest detail lightened
glove and wrist cover Side of glove and wrist cover

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