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There is some question in identifying this outfit.  The London Exhibit tag said Gimli, however, we at least see major parts of it including the plate maille on the elf Farin during the Council of Elrond scene.

If it is Gimli, they they are doing a mix and match with other Dwarf armor and our guess is that it will be used in the wedding scene.

These London exhibit picutres.  The room was very dark, so we do not believe this is the correct color.  It is more likely to be earth and brown tones.

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987

  (or high rez here)
Chest area, looks like the collar could be fir.  Trim at chest is same as on the sleeve cuff Waist belt detail (We do not see this belt in the council scene).  Leather braiding goes all the way down to the end of the surcoate
Bottom edge, can see the plate maille really well and the edge of the braiding Decorate cuff, close up of trim seen on the sleeves and at chest.  Looks like the flat modern trims imported from India
  Boots - this are different than Gimli's regular botts

Why we think it doesn't belong to Gimli (and isn't just something from ROTK)

(original spec from Judy)

Council of Elrond scenes start here: http://www.warofthering.net/quintessential/movieshots_bk2/fotr_b2c02_scene1.htm

 "Farin" (from the TCG cards). is identified as the dark bearded dwarf next to Gimli.

Close up: http://www.warofthering.net/quintessential/decipher_cards/011_farindwarvenemissary.jpg

You can see the scale maille and the trim (not good of the trim , but it's there) and that he's got a point of collar sticking out near his head. Below the CU of him, there are other pics of the assorted dwarves at the council that he's in. Also, Farin's has the braided leather trim going all the way down the CF of the tunic/robe, while Gimli just has strips.

Can't see Farin's belt buckle terribly well, but it's definitely different from Gimli's.  The belt buckle in the exhibit is not gimli's. However, it may be a 3rd.

I'm sure it's Farin on display

See a closeup of the maille.  Gimli is in the middle; Farin is on our right. http://www.warofthering.net/quintessential/decipher_cards/008_dwarvenarmor.jpg


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