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Fellowship Outfit - Overview

The costume is 70 pounds!

OK, mostly pictures here, but check at the bottom for more from Judy SB's study page. 

Gimli wears this costume for all but Aragorn's coronation scene.  When he welcomes Frodo for the fellowship reunion, he is wear just part of the outfit..


Fabric for the tunic:

Two alternatives:

On the straight grain: t looks like a broken diamond weave of some kind.

== info from Judy

On the bias: It is a weave called log cabin, with two threads of almost the same color but one somewhat finer than the other. And then it was cut on the bias,  which made it look like a diamond twill. And fulled, which obscured the pattern a bit.

== info from Ann D & friend

Gimli, original colors Gimli, lightened for detail Far too red, but high rez for checking detail
Gimli, high rez, focus a bit soft    

Connation Outfit

Gimli wears a wonderful rich dark blue velvet tunic and half circle cloak.  All edges and the front opening are edged in a 3 inch wide gold tone geometric trim.  The tunic is split of riding, front and back.  Sleeveless, assume the armhole is edged.   A set of decorative toggles close the tunic from neck to waist .  The center front strip has extra decorations.  Hard to tell at this point if it's big jewels or mirror bits.

He wears his fellowship maille shirt, shoulder armor, belt and shoes.  He wears his gauntlets, but not vambraces.

According to the sketch, blousy forest green trousers are tucked into his boots.

Cloak note: so far we can not see a clasp on his shoulders, but a pair are needed to keep it in place.  Make cloak by creating a half circle.  Neck will be just a slight "swoop" in.  About 4 inches deep, maybe 8" wide.  However, it could also be a straight light.  That would make it easier to trim, but a bit more uncomfortable to wear.


How to apply a beard

Other tips


Looking for more on Gimli?  Check out Judy's study pages at:

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