Dwarf Beard Crimps
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Dwarf Beard Crimps

To Get that properly styles Dwarf Beard Look
(and we hear it works for Princess Amidala's Hair as well)

by Emily D.

've been working with some scrap sheet metal, trying to make some costume-y type stuff. I was going for the Amidala look in Episode 2...the first scene where her decoy is blown up and Amidala is wearing the helmet and that low pony tail with the little metal clamps in her hair.-The "pilot" costume. I realized that Gimli's beard also had these metal claps that were very similar to Amidala's. Gimli the dwarf, has a long red beard with several braids that are held in place by metal hair fastenings. Here is a make-shift way to make those kinds of clamps/fastenings. It's not perfected yet, so play around with these as a starting point, and have fun!


  • Cheap aluminum sheet metal
    • (I bought mine at Loews and it has a silver side and a gold side that can be cut with regular scissors.)
    • ALSO...You might use empty soda cans! Cut 'em up had have fun with the different colors. (Note. Soda cans will be softer, more pliable, and much easier to get cut with then the sheet metal.)
  • Pliers or needle-nose pliers
  • Scissors
    •  (make sure you don't use your mom's good sewing scissors to cut metal...your costuming career could instantly be grounded. :-)

Dat's about it! All you need.

Step 1.

You've bought your metal (or found it in the garage), and you're ready to cut! Watch out for those sharp edges! These clamps can be very sharp....I haven't perfected how to perfect this yet.

Now, take the scissors and cut an even strip of the sheet metal. I'd say, for Gimli or Amidala, you'd cut about a four inch long by a half inch wide strip. 

You might make many of these strips before moving to the next step.

Step 2.

Cut your four inch metal strip into one inch little segments. (they make a pretty sound when you have a bunch of 'em made! :-)

Now, you might want to round the sharp little edges a bit, or just leave 'em like I did.

To finish them, file the edges with a fine file... or an emery board you're not planning on using on nails any more.

Step 3.

Two ways to finish these, depending on what you want.

A. Take the pliers and bend the one inch long metal piece. Bend them gold side in or silver side in, depending on which color you like. Band them to make them kinda look like a staple for a stapling gun.-equal thirds of the piece.

1. Clamp these on your hair or beard. Take a strip of hair (not too much, just enough to fill the clamp) and start to press the clamp closed with your fingers. Then, take up the pliers and clamp down.-Dat's it! Do as many as you want!

B. Turn the clamps into "beads". Not all of you may be willing to keep a pair of pliers in your bathroom and stand there in front of the mirror and clamp them to your hair.-they stay better this way: (...but it might be nice to make beads out of them.) You'll have to kinda roll the metal piece into a bead. -Play around with different pliers techniques till you get it to the point that you want to string it on your hair or beard.

1. Stringing the bead on your hair/beard. Take some dental floss, take a strip of hair. Catch the hair in the loop of the string/floss and string the "bead" onto the string. Your hair will be doubled through the bead as you pull it through. Be gentle so as not to rip your hair on the sharp edges of the bead. If you make the bead form of these clamps, you might like to try using clear nail polish to blunt and seal the edges of the bead before you string it on your hair.

(Note. If you are using these on a wig... I would suggest not using the "bead" form of these for your wigs. Take one of those seamless rubber bands for hair, and put that were you want it on the wig. Bend the clamps over the rubber band. Then you can un-pry them when you want to change the wig.)

Go a head and try a bunch of different sizes and different ways to make these! You could also use these for fabric clamps...maybe on braided/macramé belts on a Ren costume! Or braid you hair in corn rows and fasten the end with these! And...an other Amidala look could be achieved by taking the sheet metal and making her arm bands she wears with the white outfit for the area sequence! (Just make sure your edges are finished so you don't cut yourself.)

Have fun guys! Hope you enjoyed these "ideas" rather then real instructions. If you guys make these up, or find better ways to do them, let me know! This is great fun sharing costume-y tips!:-)


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