Copper Foil Arwen Crown
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Copper Foil to make a Crown - Arwen's Human Crown

by Nurindel

While the shape isn't entirely accurate, I'm still very pleased
with the overall effect- and it only took a little over an hour to

 No, really! What I did was buy a sheet of thick copper foil at
Hobby Lobby; it was about 12" by 8" and came in a tube (cost was appx.  $6). This sort of foil, which is much thicker than tin foil, is normally used by crafters to make such things as picture frames with embossed designs. Inside the tube with the metal were both an embossing stick and a sheet of pattern suggestions.

It just so happened that one of these pattern suggestions was absolutely perfect for the design on the crown! While a bit more complex than the actual design, it did have a very Old English style pattern of vines, flowers, leaves and even thistles (!!!). I scanned it and printed it about 25% larger, taped it onto the copper, and used the stick to press the pattern into the metal. I embossed about two feet total (1 foot lengths- metal was not long enough to wrap around my head), 1.4 inches wide. This took about 50 minutes (from 12 to 1 in the morning; couldn't sleep!).

After the embossing was done, I cut out the strips with a one inch allowance to either side of the design, and then folded the excess back so that the metal would be three layers thick. I used the remaining metal to fashion the 'keystone' tip of the crown, embossed it freehand, and cut it out with ordinary scissors. The two lengths that were to go around my head fit one inside the other very tightly, so no need to glue that.  But the keystone I hot glued onto the front.

The copper was really pink, as shiney copper is- and this was certainly shiney! Since the above pictures were taken, I've spray painted the crown gold, but I don't like the look of it and will be searching for a more antique metallic paint to use. Also, did end up going a bit crooked with the embossing when my tape slipped (!), but it was simple to go back and add in some vines and flowers where the pattern bowed upwards and left a blank space on the strip.

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