Cleaning Silver Jewlry
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How to keep up your, NC Evenstar, and other silver jewelry


(Note: some folks have had trouble with their evenstar pendent turning.  Here we get some tips from a professional.  Keep in mind that some people's skin will tarnish silver easier than others.  Also never store gold and silver together.)

This has been pretty well covered but speaking as person who has worked in fine jewelry wanted to chime in.  You don't even really need a special cleaning cloth to touch up silver.  Any soft (cotton is the best) cloth (that you don't mind ruining with stain) will due in cleaning it.  The name of the game is elbow grease, in other words just keep rubbing.  But you can find many polishing cloths in stores to clean jewelry.

BIG NOTE and WARNING:  Read the package and be dead certain it is ok to use on silver.  I can't tell you the number of  times at our jewelry store that we saw someone bring in piece they use the wrong kind of cleaner and nearly ruined the piece and had to spend a good deal of money to get it restored.  If you can't see on the package whether it safe on silver or have any doubts DON'T USE IT.

In that piece, NC Evenstar, particular I would recommend a liquid polish since it has lots little crevasses the clearing liquid can easier get into.  In general avoid pastes for cleaning jewelry they often get caught in cracks and can actually cause tarnishing if left on piece. Take some time on it if you leave any tarnish on it you're most likely also leaving some the compound that started the tarnish.   Get in the tight spaces by using a cuticle stick 'Orange stick' a little wooden stick with flat edge on one end and pointed on the outer, wrap bit of fabric around the end with edge or point and buff cracks and crevasses. 

Now the truly best way to get it clean is to take it to jewelry store, a nicer or more mom and papa one will do a better job usually.  A lot of them will steam them and buff them for little or no charge.  If the tarnish has become really bad and it takes more time they may charge more, but it's never going to be to expensive unless you have to get refinished.  And since it seems to me that the Noble collection pendent has actual set stones rather then glued, and seems relatively sturdy it will hold up to steaming and cleaning at professional shop.  If the shop is reputable they would check for stone tightness and construction before giving it a good cleaning with solution and steam.

On keeping it that way, two things in jewelry commonly used and worn that you must take great care in handling is pearls and silver.  The rule with both these items, although it's good standing rule for most all jewelry to keep it looking beautiful.  **Last thing to go on first thing to come off.** Meaning apply all your make up hair spray perfumes and then and only then put on your jewelry.  When you get home take jewelry off then clean up.  Things like creams and lotions can really make mess of oily goo in cracks and craves of jewelry. 

Many of these commonly used products can cause tarnish metals or in the case of pearls ruin them, sometimes beyond repair or refinish.  When storing your silver pieces NEVER store it against gold pieces there is an actual chemical reaction that that can cause silver jewelry to turn faster, and it's a blackish tarnish that is hard to clean.  Also avoid plastic or rubber things to store jewelry these items also have chemicals they leach out that ruin finishes. Wrapping the piece in soft cloth can help when storing, there are even special bags design to store sliver, highly recommended.  The point being that even open air can tarnish silver.  If you rub it with soft cloth once a week, more if needed depending on the climate you live in, this should maintain the piece rather then letting it get very tarnished.  Keeping it up much easier then have to do major cleaning project.

Hope some this info is helpful to you all.  Quick note on the more inexpensive Evenstars, be very careful with these as far as chemical exposer, and never use a jewelry cleaner on them it will ruin the finish on base metals. Soft clean cloth only, no cloths with  polishing compounds in it as purchased in stores.

To make things little easier still, following here is a link to the company that makes cleaners we recommended for home cleaning.


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This page was last updated 04/22/08