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Gimli's Belt and Gauntlets





As with Gimli's legs, his lower arms are exaggerated in width.  The gauntlets are actually in two pieces, as you can see in the FotR Extended DVD Design Gallery (Gimli slide #18)

The square piece that covers the back of the hand is attached at the wrist with two "x" lacings in the corners. In addition, the guard is not as shaped as the rest of the gauntlet, so, as it goes towards the fingertips, the guard becomes more and more flat. This two piece design was probably to enable the actor to have a greater range of movement in his wrist.

The hand guard piece has a short lace that goes underneath the hand, probably to keep the guard from flipping. The gauntlet is laced (from underneath the gauntlet) so that the edges completely join in the back. You can see this in the FotR Extended DVD Design Gallery (Gimli slide #16) It was probably pre laced, very loosely, then slid on the arm and the laces tightened. Of course, for those of us without wardrobe staff, you might have to come up with a different solution :)

Last (and this was what took me the longest to figure out), the dangling laces are wrapped around the wrist across the guard. As you can see during the movie, the join between the gauntlet and the hand guard is very "muddy" most of the time… the laces were obscuring the join between the two pieces.

The Patterns

Cuff Back of the hand
patterns by Judy Stitchinbabes



Belt detail Belt pattern by Judy Stitchinbabes


Looking for more on Gimli?  Check out Judy's study pages at:

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