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Gimli's Armor

(much still to organize here, just a few pictures)


Rerbraces (upper arm guards)

His Rerebraces (Upper Arm guards) are covered in little hexagonal scales, elongated along the vertical axis. You can see they're definitely separate scales and not just engraved or printed on because some are lifting.. They don't overlap, but fit precisely together after the fashion of some Oriental armor. Think 'pineapple' surface, or tiles in a bathroom.

== Rob

Gimli's hauberk (maille coat)

It is not chain maille.  It is knitted "washers".  These are laid out in strips and joined to the next row.  The over lap is about 1/3 the washer... ie to the whole.

One row is done w/ a little overlap and then the next is layer on w/ a little overlap the other direction too. Wire hold them both directions... going in and out of the center hole to the edge horizontally and vertically.

View from the top
Looks like a washer except part of the round edges have been cut off... to make a rounded rectangle.  Center hole descends and narrows. Guestimate the diameter may be 3/4 inch.
View from the side
The washer is not flat in the center.  It drops down in the hole getting a bit narrower.  Guestimate about 1/8 an inch deep.

Report from michaela after holding it: (7-03)

It's pvc shaped pieces, with brazing wire staples, not knitted at all. I've just today in fact held full scale pieces of it, some rubber cast stuff and some scaled pieces for a stuntie of some kind. As well as unpainted cheek guards and other little bits and bobs.

Basically it's just small squares with the edges cut off to be
octagonal (not completely regular though), and a hole in the middle.  And the stuff is basically what is used for clear pocket folders.. so it's pretty light.

Then 16 guage wire bent into staples to connect each piece. It's  Brazing (braising?) wire in brass tone, natch.

From Judy SB

As far as the chain goes, yeah, it's gusari/japanese 4 in 1 chain. ... They also used 16 gauge brass wire. It made me very very happy (and made me feel a bit more competent. Nice to occasionally find out that you aren't a moron!). However, not washers…. Sheet PVC that was punched in the shape (for weight purposes). ,,, Richard Taylor said the chain took them three weeks to make. He didn't specify how many "them" were .


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