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Boromir's Fellowship Outfit

Boromir wear the same outfit throughout FOTR.  It is rich in detail and fabrics.


Fellowship Index

For now, most picture links are at the bottom of this page, unsorted.


Summary and overview pictures

Basic summary:  velvet fur lined edged cloak, black leather surcoat, red tunic, chain maille, grey quilted gambeson. basic black equestrian boots

Casa Loma pictures, 2001

or here for med printable

Boromir's fellowship outfit, high rez, slow load

Detail's highlighted

Detail's highlighted, a different contrast


Best color   Detail of sleeve

Science Museum, London, 2003

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987

or high rez version here or high rez version here

Neiman Marcus Window, 2004




Long velvet cloak. Hood. Etched silk velvet.  Edge of cloak is lined with a brown fir that locals are identifying as possum, a local New Zealand menace.

A gold tone clasp is tied closed with cord.

The clock is 3 pieces, shaped so that it is long enough to fall most of the way to the floor and full enough to close... unlike many other cloaks used in LOTR.

Color description confired from swatch card (megan): is a deep maroon/brown colour, very like dark, dark port wine. The background (where the design is burnt out) is the same colour, but because it's only mesh (no pile left), the colour is less pronounced. What they lined it with is producing the black colour. As for the velvet itself, it's quite short-pile; I was surprised as the nap is very low.

Cloak clasp Cloak fabric


Leather surcoat and belts

Outer surcoat  is a knubby black leather, slightly heaver than garment weight.  It fastens down the front with 3 ornate clasps from neck to waist.  Calf length. It is slit in the back for riding.  The  waist seam dips in the back (much like we see in the front of Aragorn's Duster).  There is a decorate "X" pattern at the seams.

It is sleeveless.  Arm openings are little more than slits on the side.

Decorative trim runs down the front and edges the sleeve opening.

  • Shoulder strap: Visual Companion page 29.


trim down the front of his surcoat, slightly lightened to bring up detail Waist detail.  See how low the the waist is.  Assume same detail on the back.  Back is split up to this seam/  Pic is also good for belt detail.
Front of surcoat.  See how whether the trim is.  Note there are no clasps here.  (from London exhibit)

Cord across the front is from the horn of Gondor

decorate stitching on top of the waist seam

Clasp Detail

  Art by Emily
  Darkened for more detail
Just the edge of the clasp  

Tunic Belt

  Detail of how belt is tied
One square of the leather belt detail, and the tip of the belt  


Chain maille

The chain maille is really just sleeves of maille attached onto a black undershirt at the upper arm.  Arm edge of maille appears to have a bit of a design. (see picture below)

This black "shirt" is part of the "movie" under fabrics, like Gandalf's sweater sleeves and Legolas' shirt.





We only see this a few times.  He probably does not wear this all the time (because of heat) and it is only worn when the vambraces are off.

The fabric is blue-grey with just an occasional bit of silver embodied "stars" to highlight it.  This is stitched into a pattern of squares arranged diagonally like diamonds.  (This color is confirmed by Ty at the NZ exhibit)

There are 3 sits of silver grommets on the inside seam that laces this closed.

Note, the blue bit of "shirt" we see in the shots of the funeral dummy from the London exhibit are seen no where else.  This may just be there to hide the joints on the dummy hands.


Grey shirt under the chain mail.

More picture collections of Boromir



Buying Bits

  • The Sleeves
    • According to sources, those sleeves are made from the edge of a wire embroidered sari.  Best bet, find your local Little India and find their sari shops.
    • Under tunic is plain red silk, it could be made from the plain parts of the sari.
  • Buttons <-- exact buy
    • Kestrel found the maroon under tunic buttons that seem to be EXACTLY what Boromir has on his   They are:
      • JHB International 
        3/4" (Silver)
        $1.35 for two (at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
        His might actually be 1" buttons
  • Trim down front of outer tunic
    • Calontir Trims - http://www.calontirtrim.com/
      • Historic trims, including items real close to center trim going down Boromir leather outer tunic.


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