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Boromir's Red tunic

The red tunic is three-quarter length. It buttons up the front with long rectangle buttons.  It is slit in back for riding.   Body of shirt is plain red, either matt silk or cotton.

It has a high necked mandarin collar that is decorated in wire beading.  This looks like a custom piece of gold bullion.

The sleeves are set in and decorated with gold bullion embroidery (coiled wire)  Indian Sari.  It appears that the the sleeve trim is from the edge of the sari.

(A substitute for the gold work is just a heavy gold trim on the edges and some beads on the sleeves.)
  Detailing of collar beading, slightly fuzzy
Sleeve detailing.  (All 3 main layers together.) Closer view of just the wire work
Center of the tunic.  Note how the button looks are done  

  • Book pictures
    • For sleeve and neck embroidery for the shirt: Official Movie Guide: page 41.  Sleeve can be seen in bottom corner.  (Also page 28 of the Visual Companion.)
    • Silver rectangular buttons for red shirt and fastening for doublet, same page.


Buying Bits

  • The Sleeves
    • According to sources, those sleeves are made from the edge of a wire embroidered sari.  Best bet, find your local Little India and find their sari shops.
    • Under tunic is plain red silk, it could be made from the plain parts of the sari.
  • Buttons <-- exact buy
    • Kestrel found the maroon under tunic buttons that seem to be EXACTLY what Boromir has on his   They are:
      • JHB International 
        3/4" (Silver)
        $1.35 for two (at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
        His might actually be 1" buttons

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