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Dolls 'n' More

LOTR creativity is extending beyond costuming ourselves, here's where to find dolls, teddy bears and more....

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Barbie Doll Patterns for LOTR


Click the pic for more details on the patterns and pictures.

There are many dresses for Arwen and Eowyn

Tribute to Arwen

Dale R - Ohio, USA

Click the pic for pictures of another 4 dolls gown and a detailed tutorial on how to fit these dresses to dolls.


Mourning Gown

Maggie, USA

Check out her web site for more details and a full study of the mourning trim.  

See her other outfits here:

bulletRose Gown
bulletChase Dress
bulletMourning Gown for her
bullet Eowyn Gowns (& master Index)

Barbie size adventures, part 2

Heidi    - Quebec, Canada

Click the pic to see more costumed adventures.

Aragorn Doll


Sah - USA

I made my Aragorn doll out of cheap felt with a pattern I found online. He's stuffed with regular cotton stuffing, and his face is painted on with acrylic paint. It was rather difficult to glue his head/brown yarn hair on; I burnt my fingers with the glue gun several times! His felt clothes are sewn by hand, as well as his suede boots and arm guards (both lace up). The boots were difficult, it was really a trial and error thing.

This was one of my first attempts to actually sew anything, so I'm rather proud of the results! He's cuddly and cute, for a ranger. :)

Miniature Dolls

Ron and Diane - California, USA

Click the pic to see details and Legolas

Legolas Bear

"Stitchin' Babes" (Judy and Kel) - California, USA

The Legolas teddy bear was made as a birthday gift for a friend. He wears an undertunic, tunic, leggings, vambraces, belt, quiver, hunting knives, and of course, he is armed with his trusty bow and arrows!

Our webpage for Leggy is

Pippin Bear

"Stitchin' Babes" (Judy and Kel) - California USA

The Pippin teddy bear was made as a birthday gift for a friend. He wears corduroy breeches, braces, a banded collar shirt, wool jacket, and of course, his signature scarf! Our webpage for Pip is

Eowyn Bear

"Stitchin' Babes" (Judy and Kel) - California, USA

The Eowyn teddy bear was made as a birthday gift for a friend. She wears a cream-colored dress with lined sleeves, painted detail on the collar, gold braid embellishments, and a gold and white medallion belt.

Our webpage for 'Wynnie is

Samwise Bear

"Stitchin' Babes" (Judy and Kel) - California, USA

Samwise Gamgee is a Teddy Bear which we made for a friend for her birthday.  Sam has a shirt, pants, vest, jacket, cloak, satchel, backpack, ladle, pot, 2 pans, rope and a bedroll.

Our webpage for him is:


If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at

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