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Our Cloak Closet

Some folks have not make the complete costumes... or just haven't finished them yet.  Here we present the cloaks.  Different patterns give different looks.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Katrina's Cloak

Rachel, Michigan, USA

Click the pic to find out more about her cloak and the embroidery

Wool Cloak

Anita - Norway

Click the pic to see more pictures

Also check out more work:

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bulletGreen Elf
bulletShield Elf
bulletRose Gown
bulletWinter Elves (and main index)
bulletNiphredil, Hobbit

Miniature Cloak

Susan R.  -  British Columbia, Canada

Check out pics with her son modeling his wool cloak

Many Cloaks


Check out pics of the family's Fellowship, Easterling and Ranger cloak

Fellowship Cloaks

Building notes:
I'd made a few costumes before, but never just winging it without a pattern.  I just kept messing with different ideas, and by the third or fourth cloak I knew what I wanted to do and could whip them out really fast.  Most of them have four panels and then a hood attached to the top.  Pretty simple!  The clasps were darker green felt with silver dimensional paint for the veins of the leaves and silver ribbon for the little swirly things around them.  We just used safety pins to pin the clasps to both sides of the cloak (which is why some of them are at odd angles, lol). 

Amaryllis - California, USA


I just winged it!  I was hoping I could figure out how to make something simple like a cloak, and it more or less worked.

I went cheap on these because I was making them in bulk, and just made them out of craft felt.  It was a really nice color though - it was green with some gray in it, so it almost had the magical shifting color look.

More costumes:

bulletLegolas and Aragorn
bulletArwen's Rose Gown

Fellowship Cloak and Pin

Meaghan AKA Megolas  - Virginia, USA

See more pics and find out how she made her cloak and pin at http://www.geocities.com/brandyleaf/FellowshipCloak.htm

bulletAlso see her other costumes
bulletArwen's Rose Dress
bulletEowyn's Refugee Outfit and Traveling Coat

Arwen's Mourning Gown

bulletMerry & Pippin
bulletRosie & Birthday Hobbit

Fellowship cloak

Firnrothiel - California, USA

Click the pic to see more cloak pictures and find tips to first time makers.

Fellowship Cloak, Mallorn-leaf Brooch and New Zealand

Jen G.  -  Alberta, Canada

Click the pic to see more about the cloak and see their travels in New Zealand as they find the movie sites.


Lady Ashley's Cloak and Pin


For the cloak I simply had a yard long length of green material cut. I know the color is gray (grey) but I made these for a mini-flim and the scene is the Three Hunters on the plains of Rohan...the cloaks sort of change color depending on the surroundings. I didn't follow a pattern...just had the material cut and pinned it! The material is worn length-wise, long side up, short end around your shoulders.

This is my "elven-brooch". I made it out of shoebox cut in a leaf shape. I wrapped foil around it for the "veins of silver". The middle part is paper I colored and taped underneath to the top of the leaf. You can see the safety-pin I used to pin it to the cloak. The brooch is simply pinned to the top corners of the cloak. The design is my own inner imagining and it took some hard thinking on how to execute it, but it worked out fine. The shoe-box cardboard holds up pretty well.

Nulygwen's Fellowship Cloak

Rhiannon Emrys                    California, USA

I made it from the Butterick 3084 pattern (very easy to make too!).  I used melton wool in dove gray from www.fabric.com .  The material is absolutely gorgeous!  It was very easy to both cut and sew together. 

The advice I have for novices is pay attention to the notches they recommend that you cut out because they are very important in making sure that the seams lie flat and don't pucker.  I'm an intermediate sewer, but hadn't sewn anything in about 10 years.  This was a great first piece to get back into sewing, or for an inexperienced sewer trying to learn

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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