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Anita's Examples - Norway


I've explained about Norwegian temperatures earlier, and it seems obvious that a dress and a cloak just isn't enough :) That's why I decided I needed something jacket-like, and i made this. i had just watched the film: "Mists of Avalon", which may have something to do with the way this one turned out... The fabric is a wool blend, beautifully textured. It seems alive because of all the different colours! It is primary cut, and i didn't use a pattern. Just fold the fabric and lie down on it with your neck in the middle of the folded edge. See where your legs go, and where your arms go, and use that as guidelines for where to use your scissors. It doesn't get any simpler! The hood is huge, and has little fat "sausages" of the fabric going from the face backwards. Not a good explanation, but it shows on the pictures. There's a panel in front where the edges fastens with home made wooden buttons. The panel and neckline are roughly embroidered (not very elvish, but something you'll want to do automatically after watching "Mists of Avalon" - it just does something to your mood!).

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