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Human Hall, Part 8

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the Humans from Middle-earth.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Eowyn's Ridding Dress


Evelyn - Germany

Check out her website for more pics and details:

Also check out her Galadriel Gown

Eowyn's Shieldmaiden

Amaryllis - California, USA

Click the pic for more pictures and making details.

Other Costumes

Elven Gowns and Costume Index

Nancy's Outfits

Nancy - Quebec, Canada

Eowyn's Green Gown

Click here to check out her web site for construction details and more pictures

Nancy's Black Refugee Outfit

Click here to check out her web site for construction details and more pictures

Nancy's Black Travel Coat

Click here to check out her web site for construction details and more pictures

Eowyn's Shield Maiden Outfit

Click here to check out her web site for construction details and more pictures

Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Rachel - Texas, USA


This gown was made following the bliaut & corsage pattern on page 79 of Katherine Strand Holkeboer's Patterns for Theatrical Costumes as an example of what the final product would look like with as little alterations as possible. Construction details can be found at (inactive web link) 

White Tree of Gondor T-Shirt

Karlie S. - Northern Ontario, Canada



bulletPlain cotton t-shirt
bulletWhite Tree pattern from ACS Faramir page
bulletWhite Acrylic Paint
bulletMix-in Fabric Medium (found with the paints)
bulletWax Paper
bulletPaint Brush


What I have here is not exactly a costume, but it is LOTR inspired. I painted a white tree of Gondor on a black t-shirt.

When I saw the beautiful leafed-white-tree pattern on Faramir's breastplate in ROTK, I knew I had to have it on something. I decided to put it on a t-shirt. First I found a plain black t-shirt, this one is from Garage clothing. It's actually very difficult to find plain, bright-coloured, fitted women's cotton t-shirts. I then printed out the pattern from ACS's page on Faramir, and traced it onto wax paper. Using an exacto knife, I cut out the tree, then ironed it onto the shirt. Although it stuck a little, I would recommend using a Mylar stencil or something of the sort with a spray glue, particularly if you can find one that is supposed to wash out. I then mixed white acrylic paint with textile medium from Folk Art, in the ratio listed on the bottle, and painted my shirt. Although I tried to do thin layers so it wouldn't crack, as you can see in the picture it did anyway!

After letting the shirt dry for 24 hours I ironed it from the back, and washed it. The paint has stood up through many washings, although as I pointed out it cracked.

Another good way to do this would be to buy inkjet iron-on transfers for dark fabric

Shieldmaiden on a Budget

Carissa - Texas, USA

This is an Eowyn costume I made for a Halloween costume party, but also for a future ROTK EE party I am going to have. I was limited in both time and money, so I used a pattern with a few modifications. The costume cost was no more than $100 and took a few weekends to create. Check out my website for more info on construction and to see how it turned out!




Morwyn - Illinois, USA

Shieldmaiden Dress


Link to how-to instructions: and

Includes camp skirt





Yvette - USA

Pattern:  I was helped out on the corset construction by Katherine's step-by-step on this site.  I altered it at bit, adding the embroidered pieces, and rounding the curve about one inch lower in the front... I drafted the neckline of the vest myself,  using a commercial pattern as a basis for the armholes and sideseams... I used to same one Katherine mentions, but I don't remember the number... I was also helped by Maggie's tips, especially with regards to the pintucking in the chemise, and the fact that the underdress seems to be originally made of separates:  The chemise has an underskirt, and I layered a second skirt on top of that... So that I can eventually alternate the white skirt with the brown camp skirt that I haven't made yet... The sleeves are two parts, based upon a sketch I found in the  yahoo LOTR Costume group, but unfortunately cannot find again.  Sorry.  I do not know who submitted it... I wish I could thak her...

The Fabric:  The vest and corset are made of dark brown velvet I found here in town... and embroidered and quilted with Yenmet light gold thread.  The chemise was made of silk from silk connections, the same paisley jaquard Katherine used.  I also embroidered the neckline of the chemise with the same light gold Yenmet thread, and I found a great braided trim from JoAnns to tie back the sleeves.

Eowyn Dress






This dress is the first thing that I've made on my machine. This dress does not replicate any one of Eowyn's costumes, but I did my best to incorporate styles and elements of the Rohan costumes into one dress that would look good on me. I used navy blue silk velvet along with navy china silk as the body of the dress, as well as light silver blue dupioni silk as the lining, both of which I purchased online at really great prices (in my opinion). I altered a pattern for a pull-over dress w/ no princess seams or darts (Simplicity 7964) by cutting out the pattern according to the directions but splitting the back into two pieces for the purpose of a zipper and wider skirts in the back. I changed the neckline a bit, but not much, because it was already a v-neck pattern. The sleeves came off a completely different pattern (McCalls 4490). I cut those out like the package, but ended up making them much more fitted and shorter, with less curve in the pattern. All of this I did in a mock-up with a lot of trial and error. The mock-up didn't prepare me for the velvet, though. Much of that I ended up sewing by hand first, then on the machine. I embroidered the undersleeves in a pattern similar to that of Eowyn's coronation gown, but with silver and gold thread and blue beads. I don't have any goods pics yet, either, but the neckline is embroidered with silver thread in the shapes of leaping horses.

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at

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