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Elven Grove, Part 1

Here we feature costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the wonders of the Elven folks.

Works are placed in here chronologically.  The first sets were made even before the movie came out.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Pics from the very first folks to recreate the elven people...

Arwen's Angel Dress

ArtistGirL74                     USA

I made my version of "Arwen's" "Angel Dress". I am a full figured woman who had trouble finding patterns that fit my size and was unable to buy the ready made version because of this. I wanted to help anyone like myself who feels left out of the fun because of size." Posted because my goal is to help others like myself who feel left out.

Check out the construction detail and the patterns used on her web site:


Scroll to the bottom to "How I made my Angel dress".

See her chase dress <here>

Ginger's Galadriel Crown

Ginger                    Illinois, USA

I have been costuming seriously for about 4 years, but I've been sewing for 8. This, however, is my first attempt at metalworking.

bulletClick on the picture to see her crown being made, step by step.
bulletFor the pattern, click <here.>



A set of pictures from live action roll playing in the Swiss alpines.  2002

Click the picture for a whole lot more pictures.

Galadriel Dress

Evelyn                                         Germany


bulletCheck out more information about her Galadriel's mirror dress on her web site at http://mitglied.lycos.de/evelynsbilder/page_26.htm .  The site is in German, but lots of pictures and diagrams.
bulletShe's made a version of Galadriel's broach, the fellowship pendant and Arwen's crown as well.

Also see...

Eowyn's Riding Dress


Orchid Elf Dress

Naira                                    Texas, USA
bulletI used pattern 9891 from Simplicity.  I left off the drape at the neckline and put bias tape around it instead, and then added a decorative store-bought trim. I made different sleeves from a pattern I had already made. I found both the fabric and the trim at Hancock Fabrics. 
bullet The rest of my costumes are here:


The Sanctuary of Rivendell: Jessica's Costumes
    Aniron Dorhith: The Savior Elf
    Variation on the Bridge Dress

Jessica                 USA
bulletAniron Dorhith: The Savior Elf
bulletP413 from Butterick  
bulletVariation on Arwen's Bridge dress

Click  to enter  to explore Jessica's pictures.  Also included are detailed  instructions on how she made her costumes.

See even more of her costumes elsewhere in the scrapbook

bulletArwen's Dream and Mourning Gowns
bulletArwen's Chase Outfit
bulletEowyn's White Wool Gown
bulletEowyn's Brown Coat

Red Elf Dress/Enwathiel

Christa - Simplicity #8981


bulletFabric: Maroon Brocade and Black Chiffon
bulletSee details pics and read about how the dress was made:
bullet http://berrygrove0.tripod.com/redelf.htm 
bulletEven more pictures here:
bullet http://groups.msn.com/EnwathielTheElf/elfandfairycostumes.msnw?albumlist=2
bulletChrista's website... even more costumes
bullet http://berrygrove0.tripod.com/


Liz's Mirror dress

 Liz G                                    New Jersey, USA

I started with Simp's 9891, first made in muslin, and then remade with different seams (ie a lot less and in different places). So it's  probably more accurate to say half 9891 half imagination.

bulletMore pictures, material detail and notes
bulletlink down

See Liz's article on Making Gelatin Ears

Yoriwyn Stilldusk

More pictures on Gab's website! Click the picture!.

Gabrielle           Georgia, USA
bulletSimplicity Pattern 9891 View A.  Longer sleeve and hem cause of my height (6'0")
bulletThe fabric was Casa Satin and a stiffer something I can't remember, but it is not chiffon.
bulletSimplicity Pattern 9887 View D. Just 5 inches longer than pattern.
bulletVelvet fabric found on ebay for $5 a yard. French seamed for a nice neat look if the interior is seen
bulletHair ornament made by me. It's Braided craft wire with tiny gold beads. The jewels are Austrian crystals. It's held on with bobby pins.  The pendant and maple brooch were found in my old jewelry collection.
bulletThere is a little storyline on the page to go with the dress. There are also ALT tags you can read if you mouseover the pics.

An Elf - for $19.45

Jennifer C


bulletThe basic simplicity pattern #9891 done up as an example, minus collar.

More pictures and details <here>.

Galadriel - Mirror Dress and Robe

Jennifer  (Laughing-Magpie)                    Alberta, Canada


bulletSimplicity #8946 to start, no pattern on sleeves and cloak

Get the whole story <here>, with even  more pics.


 Liz G - Simplicity pattern #9891 (w/ modifications)
bulletMore pictures and some notes pattern #
bullet http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOTR_Costume/message/536
bulletMore comments on construction


See Liz's article on Making Gelatin Ears

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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