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Elven Grove, Part 9

Here we feature even more costumes from our folks who have recreated some of the wonders of the Elven folks.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

First Costume

Claire - Virginia, USA

Click the pic for more pictures and to hear about her first sewing venture.

New Order - Elrond's War Outfit



Click the pic for more pictures

Galadriel and Legolas




Terri  - Minnesota, USA

Both costumes were made by Mom (me) on the smallest possible budget we could.  The material was purchased from both JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart.  We chose earthy browns and greens for Legolas, with black material that I made into simple 'slipover' style boots and arm leather.   We did buy 'elf' ears from a costume shop, but we fashioned Galadriels necklace from fimo-clay and baked it ourselves.  We also made Legolas's quiver from an oatmeal box, covered in a suede like material.  Safety arrows were used, as this is a childs costume of course!  Both wigs were bought very cheaply,  Legolas's is actually a "Barbie" wig with the bangs tucked under the front so they don't show.

Here is our Halloween site :

Arwen's Arch Dress

Tindomiel - Poland

Click the pic for more pictures

Elven Inspired Concert Dress

I'm in a choir and we always have to dress in black. I had the idea to make something similar to Arwen's chase dress. I didn't have many good examples back then so it turned out somewhat different.

I wear a cross necklace, which is I think a suitable substitute for Arwen's jewel, especially when you often perform religious works like Bach's passions, Mass in B minor and Händell's Messiah this winter.

Hinke B. - the Netherlands 

It's a normal black dress with a coat. The dress is sleeveless but the coat has the characteristic sleeves similar to the chase dress and the farewell dress.

The pattern is a modified dress pattern which can be used on any kind of dress. My boyfriend's mom is a tailor and she made me patterns exactly my size. So I don't need to buy patterns :). I guess you could also use patterns which are often used and modified for a chase dress. I'd like it if my mom-in-law showed me how to draw patterns in a professional way. I know how to modify them but I need a basic model. As fabric I used common black cotton and for the collar some shiny fabric I don't know the name of.


See her chase outfit also

Aurora, Elven Paladin of Mirkwood

Aurora - Alberta, CANADA

Click the pic for more details and pictures

Elven Gown of Lûthuinen

Karolina, Sweden

For this gown I used a Swedish medieval pattern and made a few changes, for example I modified the sleeves and the neckline. The fabric I used for the gown was fine linen.

The belt is my own design, but I was inspired by the belt of Arwen's White Weta Dress. It is made of rosy-red wool.

Also check out her Ceremonial gown

Ainaechoiriel's Sealonging Dress

Ainaechoiriel   Missouri, USA

See details here:


Also check out her Elf-renaissance here

Emerwen's Elven Dresses


Emerwen, MA USA
Modeled by Kim

Inspired by Arwen's Chase Dress. It's made out of a wonderful dark green stretch velvet (black in some lights, green in others). The under sleeves are made of a light white crinkle cotton. I used Simplicity 9891 (Surprising.... ^-^ lol) with adjustments on the sleeves (lower leaf-shaped panels) and I left the very bottom of the seams open to make the dress "float" over the ground. Very effective. I used grey and white fabric paint on the collar to create some art nouveau designs.


Galadriel's Mirror Gown

Emerwen  MA, USA

No pattern; drafted. Made of a heavy sequined lace, trimmed with pearls. The belt is a one-sided cream satin covered in sequins, pearls, and bugle beads. See the page! Preview Cloak to come before the RotK premiere in December.




Arwen's Dream Gown

Rachel - Michigan, USA

Click the pic to see more pictures and pattern detail

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at scrapbook@alleycatscratch.com

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