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Rachel - Michigan, USA

Arwen's Dream Gown

This dress took me about 3 days to make. I was going to use a pattern but then someone from the Yahoo! group suggested that I just go for it and so I did. I had my friends help me make the Duct Tape Dress Form. Then I cut my fabric in half and played with the fabric until I got it to drape the right way and fit the right way. I personally think it turned out great.

The fabric that I used for the underdress was from the casa collection at JoAnn's in a lovely shade of sage green. For the overdress I used a sheer lavender fabric from the American fabric collection thing also at JoAnn's.

I used lavender ribbon and some beads to do the lacing on the sides. I used some darker sage green ribbon to wrap around where I stitched the front and back together so that it looked nicer.

My friend made the circlet for me with some craft wire and beads that I had purchased earlier. The picture isn't very good quality but the center bead has grapes with leaves on it and there are other leaf and teardrop beads scattered over the whole thing.



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