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Rachel, Michigan, USA

I decided to make this cloak because I have always wanted one and I loved the cloak that Katrina wears in "Sleepy Hollow". But I wanted a cloak to go with my Blood Red dress. So I used the basic idea of Katrina's cloak and used the same colors as the Blood Red dress. I used Simplicity 9452 but I didn't add the ties to the hood. I used red and gold DMC embroidery floss for the embroidery on the hood. I used gold and opal colored transparent seed beads and bugle beads for the beadwork on the hood. I used a charcoal grey/black suede cloth type fabric that has a weight similar to suede for the outside of the cloak. I lined it with black silk essence. It has a small frog closure at the top.


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Our Cloak Closet | Cloak Closet 2 | Banners | Banners 2 | Dolls 'n' More | Dolls 'n' More 2

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