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Susan R -  British Columbia, Canada

I just made my 6-year-old son a Fellowship cloak using your instructions on the website.  I made it with grey wool.  I'm going to try to make him an Aragorn costume to go with it, but he is thrilled with just the cloak so far.  He plays Lord of the Rings all day every day.  He is forever trying to get his little 3-year-old sister to be an Uruk Hai.
He may look like a hobbit, but in his heart he thinks he's Strider.
I love the way the cloak hangs and moves.  The pattern is such a great replica of the movie original.

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Our Cloak Closet | Cloak Closet 2 | Banners | Banners 2 | Dolls 'n' More | Dolls 'n' More 2

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