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LOTR creativity is extending beyond costuming ourselves, here's where to find reproductions of some of the wonderful banners.   Fine the Originals with Elven Things and Rohan Banners and Props.

Work here represents recreations at all skill levels.

Picture hyperlinks will open to more details about the costumes.

Arwen's Coronation Banner

Leah - Kentucky, USA

Click the pic for banner making instructions and patterns


Arwen's Coronation Banner

Barbara S. - New Mexico, USA

Click the pic for more pictures, patterns and a detailed tutorial on making the banner

Red Banner of Rohan


I'm just beginning to sew and making this banner was fairly easy, but slightly time consuming.  In all it took about 7 hours. 

Emma  - Connecticut, USA

First, I used a piece of red velour and hemmed up all of the edges with a sewing machine.  Next, I took a piece of gold felt that was slightly larger than the velour and sewed it on the back so the velour was mounted on the felt.  To make the designs, I made stencils based on an image from the movie, traced them on the felt, cut them out, and used a glue gun to mount them on the velour.  The horse stencil came from a picture online of one of the banners.  Notice that I cut the horse in several different pieces to give more of an illusion of movement.  To create the hanging gold triangles, I cut them out and sewed the tops onto the back of the large piece of felt.  The black decorations on them is folded black ribbon attached by a glue gun.  (To make sure you have enough ribbon, purchase at least 3 yards.)  Lastly, the top that it hangs by is a piece of gold felt folded over with four half circles cut out.  It is sewed onto the back of the large piece of felt on the back of the velour.  The finished banner should measure about 1.5 yards long and 21 inches wide not counting the top part it hangs by

Theoden's Throne Room

Anne - New York, USA

This is my "take' on one of the banners from Theoden's throne room. The designs in the "vee' of the banner are not an exact reproduction. I was working from a very unclear photo on the web. Sure wish I had had "The Art of the Two Towers" before I started!

Making it was very similar to the method I used for the previous banner i submitted <here>


Arwen's Bedroom Banner

The banner was made from a very lightweight polyester-like material from the discount section at JoAnn fabric.  Since the banner was made for my medieval theme wedding, I didn't try at all to exact color match the original banner, but instead bought a deep purple fabric.

Total cost for the banner, materials, etc. was about $20.

Since this picture was taken, we purchased a very simple curtain rod with ball finials at a discount store and hung the banner on this rod for our wedding.  It's now up on the wall above our bed, and is the focal point of the whole bedroom.

Sidhe -  Ohio, USA

As proof that non-sewers can still do projects like this, there is only ONE seam on the whole set of banners that was actually sewn. 

For the two side banners, the rod pocket on all three, and the two sides of the middle banner, we used Stitch Witchery to create the "seams" using a hot iron.  The only sewn part of the banners was the curved pointed edge on the bottom of the middle banner.

Using the sketch on your site of the set of banners, and my memory of seeing it in person, I used a white pencil to sketch in the design and then a silver acrylic paint to actually do all the details.  The majority of the design was done with a wet brush, but the "glow" of the stars was done with an almost totally dry brush.  The original banners have beading on the bottom of the banners, but I decided not to risk it, and left it unadorned. 

See more pictures of the banner at our wedding at: (inactive link)

Elven Banner

Sarah (aranel13) - Texas, USA
This is my version of the two trees banner, using only Telperion, the moon tree.  The basic material is a blue/black cotton with silver glitter over it.  The tree is silver lame with details in a silver paint pen.  It has a navy blue lining on the back, trimmed in a black cord with quilt tape tabs on the top for hanging.  The shape of the banner is my own design (measuring roughly 22 inches by 14 I think) and the tree from a drawing I made, so it's not quite accurate.  Word of warning, lame can have a mind of its own!!!

Rohan Horse Banner & Tree of Gondor Banner

Donna  (Greyhevenelves)
     -  New York, USA

The design was copied from a picture of one of the banners hanging in Theoden's throne room.  By scanning, enlarging and cutting out the picture- I was able to create a stencil.  This was used to trace the picture onto white felt.  A brown fabric marker was used to create the edging of the pieces and the details within the horse.  Fabric glue was used to attach the horse cutout to a piece of green satin.  The edges were done with gold seam tape.  Ribbon was attached to the top of the banner with which to hang it.

The pattern for the tree was copied from a picture of Faramir's vest.  I folded a piece of construction paper in half and traced half of the tree.  After cutting the tree out, it was used as a pattern to trace onto a sheet of white felt.  Once the felt tree was cut out, it was glued to a background of black suede cloth with fabric glue.  Loops of black satin ribbon were attached to the top to hang the banner with.

See more of Donna's  costumes


Arwen Dresses


Galadriel Dresses



Edoras Horse and Sun Banner

Anne    -   NY, USA

Click the pic to find out details on how to make the banner.

If you do not have a web site or a photo album, we can put the pictures our our server...  Contact us at

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