Donna's Arwen

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Donna's Examples

 (Greyhevenelves)  New York, USA

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Arwen's Blood Red dress

Pattern:  Both the under and overdress were made from Simplicity 9103.  The sleeve top of the underdress is from the same pattern, but the lower sleeves are from Simplicity 9891 (I used the sleeve pattern from view 'A' and adjusted it to fit at the end of the sleeve top as well as lengthening it about 10 inches).  

Fabric: The underdress  is made of a black baroque satin.  The upper sleeve is covered with a sheer red silk chiffon.  The lower sleeve is a stretch velvet from Walmart called "spandex velvet". It is both very inexpensive (about $4.97 a yard) and easy to work with.   Instead of using a paisley for the underdress trim, sleeve caps and banding between upper and lower sleeves; I found a beautiful hand painted fabric remnant in greens, red, black and gold in the upholstery department.  It has a 'leafy, woodland' theme and looked very 'elven'.  The overdress is made of black 'spandex velvet'.   

I found that by making the dress a couple of sizes larger than called for in the pattern measurements, it gave the dress more of the loose, flowy look of the costume.  I am tall and had to add 13" to the length of the pattern.  The neck trim of the overdress is red velvet ribbon.

Arwen's Traveling / Requiem Dress

Patterns: Underdress and overdress are both made from Simplicity 9103.   I am tall and had to add 13" to the length of the pattern.  I made the dress a couple of sizes larger than called for to give it the loose flowy look of the costume.  The lower sleeve of the underdress is from Butterick 6593 (view B).   I think I added about 12 inches to the length of the sleeve and had to square the ends a bit, but otherwise it worked well.   

Fabrics:  The overdress is made from a luscious stretch velvet of that in some light looks dark gray and in others, dark navy.  The overdress trim is a 1/2 inch woven silver trim.  The underdress is made from a heavyweight navy satin.  The  neckline and arm trim is a 2" woven silver trim.  The lower sleeves are made from a shiny silver/ gray fabric ( I have no idea what it is) and are split on the inside  from the knuckles down.

Arwen's Lavender Bead dress

Patterns:  The dress is made from Simplicity 9891 view C, using the neckline from view B and the sleeves from view A.  I lengthened the sleeves about 12" but otherwise did not have to alter the pattern.

Fabric:  The sleeve and outer dress fabric is a sheer lavender fabric I found in the  discount section at Joann's ETC.  It has a floral pattern with silver thread interwoven throughout.  Because the fabric is somewhat stiff and does not drape well on its own, I flat lined it with a heavy pink satin and that seemed to fix the drape problem.  

The belt is made from lavender cording found in the drapery dept. at Joann's.  For the part of the belt that goes around the waist, I sewed two lengths of the cording together.  For the tail of the belt, I sewed four lengths together.

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