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Anita's Examples - Norway

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Lalaith's Elven Dresses

In October last year, a few hundred Norwegians camped in a city park in Oslo for as much as two whole weeks (yes, the nights too, brrr...) to get tickets for the TTT premiere. I stayed there for a week, dressed in my Blood Red (first costume ever!) gown every day, and my elven ears, braids and everything... An experience out of the ordinary, that's for sure! My friend and I built a hobbithole out of leaves and chicken mesh.

For the premiere I decided to spend some time on a new dress, and I made a pattern from scratch. The fabric is velvet, and some kind of thinner silk-like fabric for the sleeves. I was especially pleased with the last fabric, which changes colours from green to blue to gold - it seems alive somehow. The sleeves are huge, much like the sleeves for the Blood Red.

The neckline and the section just above the elbows have golden trimmings, with hand embroideries in gold and with pearls (time consuming work, I tell you!). I designed the embroideries myself, with inspiration from Arwen's Requiem Dress.

Best of all: for our costumes, our hobbithole and over-all impression and enthusiasm, my friend and I won a trip to New Zealand! We went there in February, and it was great! The Te Papa Exhibit was so good that I'm in lack of words!

I have a homepage, . It's in Norwegian, and has pictures both from the hobbit-/elven camp in the park, the premiere and our NZ trip.

(It takes two clicks in to get to the pictures.)


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