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Anne's Examples - NY, USA

Endoras horse and sun banner   & Theoden's Throne Banner

Click on pictures for enlargements.

 I was fascinated by the Rohan Banners. One of the hardest parts of making this was finding a decent photo to work from!

Materials used:

bullet2 18x26" pieces of green heavy brocade upholstery fabric for main body of banner and backing
bulletScraps of rose brocade for base of sun in upper left corner
bulletwhite textured upholstery fabric for horse, embellished with tan fabric paint wine and tan braid
bulletGold braid in various widths for details of the sun, and to overlay the wine and tan braid border.
bulletGreen and gold tasseled fringe
bulletWine colored wire enforced Ribbon
bulletWooden dowel
bulletAcorn dowel caps
bulletGold paint
bulletHeat bond to position the pieces

Making it:

I enlarged the picture of the original banner using my scanner, to obtain the outlines of the horse and sun. I used heat-bond to position the horse and sun, and bonded the gold braid pieces to the sun design.

I did zig-zag the sun and horse to the green fabric to create the front of the banner, sewed the wine braid on as a border, and overlaid that with the openwork gold braid.

The tasseled fringe was applied the same way you would make a pillow:  The front of the banner and the backing piece were put together, right sides facing, with the tasselled braid inside. 3 sides were sewn together {leaving the top of the banner open, and "flipped " right side out.

The tabs were made of the wire reinforced ribbon and the open edges of the top of the banner were then machine stitched closed.

The supporting dowel is just plain wood, painted gold. The acorn dowel caps were attached with a hot-glue gun.